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 Frame and lens consideration of children’s eyeglasses


Nowadays, vision problems including nearsightedness andfarsightedness commonly occur in children. It is widely believed thatthese types of vision imperfection are caused by improper use ofchildren’s eyes during their study and other entertainment activitiessuch as watching TV. Since children’s eyes are immature, eyeglasses arethe mostly suggested solution to correct their vision problems. Oneconcern is that children’s eyeglasses have considerably changed innumber and styles, causing a potential confusion in parents. There aresome things that should be clear in the mind of parents who want to buyeyeglasses for their children.

A simple criterion is to follow the instructions or directions ofthe optician based on the prescription of the child. In general, thereare two groups of children who need to wear correctiveeyeglasses . Oneis required to wear glasses only when reading the black board in class,writing at home and the like. The other group is advised to have glasses on constantly. This classification is depends on the severity of vision problems.

It is widely known that a heavy prescription always requires a pairof thick lenses which is matched with the latter group aforementioned.In this case, small frames are preferred so as to maintain the accuracyof vision correction. Actually, lenses thickness decided byprescription has a direct impact on frame style. The final decisionshould be made by the optician.

Another significant aspect is lens type. Among the various lensmaterials in the market, polycarbonate is the best for children. Thismaterial is also widely used to make bulletproof glasses and windows.Polycarbonate is considered as the sturdiest material available formaking eyeglass lenses. Children may frequently drop their eyeglassesduring entertainment. Polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant. Theyare naturally UV blocking. What’s more, glasses made of polycarbonateare much lighter than that are composed of regular plastic or glass.

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