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Swim goggles and snow goggles can provide eye protection during swimming and skiing. They have become a necessity for these activities. Swim goggles and snow goggles in various types and sizes are available from plenty of manufacturers. In fact, there are goggles for other usage including motor riding. However, this article focuses on two goggles products, one for swim goggles and the other for snow goggles.

Swim goggles have a left frame, a right frame, a head strap, a nose support connecting the left frame and the right frame. Lenses of swim goggles are slantwise formed in the left frame and right frame. The fundamental function of swim goggles is water protection during swimming. Aqua Sphere KIDS Seal swim goggles are one of the products for kids. They offer visibility under water and you will have a clear and nice view. These goggles also have an adjustable strap that provides comfort for children. The lenses of Aqua Sphere swim goggles fit into the user’s face and maintain horizontal relative to the eyes, which reduces resistance force when the user jumps into water.

Snow goggles are must-have devices when skiing or climbing a mountain. Basically, they can block flying snowflakes. Since you are moving at a high speed in the skiing field, snow goggles also offer protection from bone-chilling wind. Oakley is one of the notable brands that manufacture snow goggles. Oakley Wisdom snow goggles provide every angle of view that is wide open with clarity. Its dual lens design includes F-3 series anti-fog treatment and filters out all UV. The lightweight, flexible frame matches your facial contour and maintains a comfortable seal.

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