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 A View of Different Opinions about $10.00 Glasses


Cheap eyeglasses have met a large group of people's need for vision correction and fashion decoration. This may explain the recent popularity of $10.00 glasses in the market. You have to know some necessary knowledge about how to choose the best suitable glasses for your eyes.

First and foremost, you should know your exact prescription if you need correct your vision first.“Ask around, just as you would for a dentist,” says Larry Leight, founder of the Los Angeles-based Oliver Peoples eyewear line. For a strong prescription, small frames “keep light in and don’t detract from the work of the lenses,” says Alain Mikli, owner of the Alain Mikli eyewear company, in Paris. Leight says a frame should generally be no wider than your head, with the center of the lens slightly below eye level. He also notes that an experienced optician can help clients find frames that make, say, a long nose look shorter (try a low-set bridge) or a round face appear thinner (go for angular or square shapes). Picking between two finalists, Mikli opts for fun: “Since glasses can be an obligation,” he says, “try to get as much enjoyment from them as possible.”

Secondly, you need to determine your face shape. “There is one rule when it comes to choosing the ideal frames for your face: Contrast the frame shape to your face shape,” advises Rene Soltis, an optician and a spokesperson for the Vision Council of America.

If eyes are the windows to the soul, the frames around them should also reflect the wearer. So find a shop with great-looking frames and a good optician to help you pick something that suits your10 dollar glasses, your personality, and your features.

So if you have a round face made up mostly of soft curves, you’ll look best in angular or square frames. And if you have a more narrow or angular face (resembling a rectangle or a square), opt for rounded styles. If your face is heart shaped, try something delicate, like a wire or rimless style, to balance the narrowness of the chin. And for those with an oval face, you are free to experiment, since practically any style will suit you.

Even now still many people doubt whether these $10.00 glasses can work out with their eye problems because they do believe in these with only 10 dollars. However, people concern about their appearance regarded these glasses as their best choices.

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