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 Life can also be colorful though with serious vision problems


Eye is the window to the soul and one may suffer a lot if he or she has some problems in their eyes, or has his or her vision lost. Well, this is true for many people. And many misfortunate people have their lives changed when they have suffered from vision loss. But as it is said that the game never comes to an end till it is over, so does life. There are always some miracles around.

Tom, one of my good friends, has suffered great Macular Degeneration due to inherited factors when he was just a little kid. However, he is one of the most dynamite and optimistic people I have ever seen.

He tells me, he also feels hopeless and desperate at first. But his parents and friends have offered him great help, by encouraging him to stand up. Years of hard work and perseverance makes him one of the most successful men in the community. He says, no matter what the situation is, nothing can stop a willing heart.

He now deems his problem with optimistic attitudes, “the world is just the same as you see it. When you feel hopeless, it is doomed to be dark; positive attitude can make everything fine”. Passion is the key to overcome any difficult, especially psychological problems.

He also thinks that vision is not the only thing that determines one’s life. It is true that vision can help one enjoy more of the world; but the world should be sensed in most cases. When sensed what you need, just do it. There is no end till it ends. The future is just in you own hands.

No one can ever know what may happen on the road of pioneering. Therefore, persistence can help one get rid of any setbacks. If you can not persist, you will be set back. In addition, he also tends to bear curiosity towards everything and people around; be kind to all people is also the source of happiness.

Well, what Tom tells me has greatly moved me. Every people on this planet may suffer from misfortune, but the attitudes should be positive. All problems can be overcome- there are always miracles in life.

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