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 More details about Lasik procedure


The emergence of Lasik has really changed the lives of many people. It has helped a lot of people regain perfect vision and get rid of eyeglasses and lenses successfully. The whole procedure will be finished within only twenty minutes, for two eyes.

However, Lasik is not absolutely a risk-free procedure- it can cause certain vision problems to certain receivers. In particular, unqualified candidates run much greater risk of getting these complications.

People who have unstable eye prescription are not suggested to get this procedure; pregnant women can not receive this procedure; people with thin cornea can not get it; non adult are not ideal candidate for it, etc.

Of course, those ideal candidates can really benefit greatly from this procedure. Before the surgery, a comprehensive eye check will be performed to gain some detailed information of eyes and cornea. Before the procedure, some numbing eye drops and sedative medications will be employed to reduce pain. During the surgery, a special laser beam will be generated by some special equipments and the laser beam will be used as a scalpel to treat the cornea. An incision and flap will be made on the surface of cornea. Then, laser will come into eyes and remove those extra tissues. When those extra parts are removed, eyes will regain their original shapes. After that, the flap will be positioned back for recovery.

Due to the cut made on cornea is tinny; little time is needed for recovery. What’s more, Lasik is also a painless surgery and can be finished within very short time. Or most receivers can see clearly of objects and go home just after the surgery.

To be simple, Lasik is ideal option for people who want to get rid of glasses and lenses, but also want to enjoy perfect vision.

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