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 Eye dryness and ways to treat it


Eye is one of the most delicate, yet vulnerable parts of human bodies. It allows us see clearly of everything around- this is why eye is called the window to the world; it allows us to sense other’s emotions in particular situation- this is also why eye is called the window of soul. However, eye is prone to various problems. In particular, our eyes may suffer from dryness easily.

Eye dryness is very common and usually called DES (dry eye syndrome). This problem has bothered a lot of people- it die hard. Or it strikes people gradually and can not be effectively prevented or treated. In most case, DES will lead to irritation and vision discomfort.

Though DES is common, it is not inherited. It is found that this problem often strike people who are over forty and those who have certain vision problems. However, this means not aging is the main cause- there are also many other factors leading to it. For example, the change of hormone affects the producing of tears. This is usually reflected in the form of eye dryness. Of course, there are also many other unknown causes and people are suggested to consult with their eye doctors if particular symptoms occur.

Anyway, DES is firmly linked to the eye tissues that generate tears. In other words, if there is something wrong with this part, less tear will be produced and eye dryness occur as a result, no matter what the cause might be. When sufficient tears can not be offered, eye tissues can not be well lubricated and a lot of problems occur, like itchiness, blurriness, light sensitivity, etc.

Luckily, there are now also many effective ways to treat this problem. Some of the way of treatments depends on the causes. For example, in some cases, this problem can be caused by seasonal factors, like temperature, wind, coldness, etc. this is also why some people may suffer from much worse symptoms in certain seasons.

When the air is too dry, people run much higher risk of getting this problem. For this, humidifier and air conditioners can help a lot add humidity in the air. Of course, some daily products can also bring some help. For example, certain shampoo or lotion can help eye work much better. In other cases, protective eye wear are also helpful in eliminating eye dryness.

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