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 Retro eyeglasses---a fashion trend on your face


What do you think of when considering retro eyeglasses? Do the images of a nearsighted pedant with thousands of degrees or the shrewd Harry Potter?

retro eyeglasses

As a fashionable accessory in stylists’ eyes, retro eyeglasses are especially hot in recent years. They make you look cooler and stand out from the ordinary. Faced with the interview of New York Times, Hollywood star Chloe Sevigny listed several evidences to claim that she was the one who bring forth the popularity of black plastic retro eyeglasses and she seemed to be very proud of it.

Look back in to the fashion circle. It seems that retro eyeglasses are always associated with names full of literature senses such as rocker singer Buddy Holly in the 50s, pop leader Andy Warhol, punk singer Elvis Costello in 70s and so on.

Buddy Holly was once appraised by Rolling Stone as the thirteenth out of the fifty Immortal pioneers. This black-tie young man with big die was always wearing a pair of heavy framed eyeglasses. He was considered as “rock hero of eyeglasses”. In the front of his memorial hall, there is still a pair of retro big eyeglasses.

Retro eyeglasses are also symbols for punk singer “Elvis Costello”. This composer of self taught came to stage since the year of 1936, he always spread out passion and sarcasm through his clear eyeglasses to all his audiences.

The intellectual air of retro eyeglasses can be fully reflected on Woody Allen. In the films directed by him, he was always acting those modern nervous men who are lack of the senses of safety. If you want to model woody, you can also try a pair of retro eyeglasses.

In the time of pursuing unique personality, retro is a permanent sign of fashion. If you want to buy a pair of eyeglasses, why don’t you try a retro one to make you cooler?

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