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 How to Choose Clear Lens Glasses for Men with Different Faces


We all care about how our face looks. Although most people wear glasses for the purpose of correcting their vision problems, but many people now are wearing clear lens glasses. No doubt for women to care about their images, actually it is also the same to men. Here is an article on how to choose clear lens glasses for men with different faces. If you have an oval face or what we call as standard face, generally you can wear any kinds of glasses you like. And any kinds of frames materials that you like can be ok.


The features of a round face are plump cheeks, wide forehead and round chin. The overall line is soft and round so that more rigid clear lens glasses for men are needed. The best frame is squared frame and thin frame is also a good option. In addition, you’d better choose bigger glasses frames to avoid being nipped by the narrow frame. In the same time, lower front frame and higher arms are very effective at creating a better image. Long face has a very eye-catching chin with clear edges so that round or linear clear lens glasses frames, or squared frames are good at making it look better. But you should note that the edges shouldn’t be too outstanding while frames of clear lines are priorities. Wide arms are always good at shortening the long face.

Squared face is featured by wide forehead, short face and unclear lines in the cheeks. Oval linear glasses frames and soft squared frames are both priorities. And the frames should be as simple as possible. To make your face look longer, choose a clear lens glasses frame that is of low height or with upper in darker color while lower front with rimless design can also help. What’s more, high and narrow arms can also do a good job at making the face look longer.


Men of heart-shaped faces often give people a kind of unbalanced feel because it is wide on the forehead while small on the chin. It is also a very typical face to choose the opposite shape of clear lens glasses. That means the clear lens glasses frames being upper narrow and lower wider to compensate for the face flaws. After all, no two people eyes are the same so what works for one may not work for another so its trial and error on the individual really. In the end, you may choose the best clear lens glasses for men that make you look the most fashionable. 

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