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 Horn Rimmed Glasses Make For a Geek Chic Look


As for those who are always keenly aware of fashion trend, scarcely did they not know how important a role horn rimmed glasses played in the history of fashion. Horn rimmed glasses have gone through ebbs and flows, up and down. Once rendered obsolete and slid out of fashion, horn rimmed glasses now have made a huge comeback and rein their dominance upon people’s faces once again.

Horn Rimmed Glasses

What are horn rimmed glasses?

Horn rimmed glasses, as implied by the name, are originally referred to as those glasses featuring frames made of horn or tortoise shell. As time goes by, the material employed evolved into plastic which simulate the characteristics of horn, in view of convenience and cost cut. Irrefutably, horn rimmed glasses, in contrast to other shapes, are more in a position to make a bold fashion statement in that they often project a unique sense of style and enable the wearers to set them off from others.

The popularity of horn rimmed glasses

Speaking of horn rimmed glasses, a brief introduction of its history for the sake of readers’ enlightenment will not be amiss. Originated from Europe in the 1880s, horn rimmed glasses have undergone an oversea popularity in America in 1910s due to Harold Lloyd, a silent movie actor who makes a habit of wearing signature horn rimmed glasses. Another figure who contributes to the popularity of them must come down to Buddy Holly, who liked to wear a series of large, bulky square pairs on tour and on his album covers. Thanks to them, the horn rimmed glasses could have a longstanding foothold in the fashion field.


Where to buy horn rimmed glasses?

Traditionally speaking, an entity optical store will be the ideal place to buy those glasses. But as online stores spring up and become very competitive in price and quality, the traditional stores instantly become eclipsed by online ones. When to buy glasses online, keep in mind that credit of online stores matters a lot. Do not just abandon the quality merely for the sake of low price. Pick out a trustworthy one and enjoy a safe-and-sound journey of online shopping.


Since horn rimmed glasses have nowadays enjoyed a renaissance these days, there is nothing wrong with you going with the flow and gracing your face with this bold ornament and brandishing your fresh geek chic look in front of others. You would be only too glad to do it.

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