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 Anne Hathaway Glasses: Different Masks of One Beauty


It is quite proper to say that Anne Hathaway has destiny to associate with glasses. It is not hard to catch her image with different eyeglasses both in her daily life news and movies. The famous beauty, with big talking eyes, feels no fear to wear any type of glasses. With her reputation goes farer and farer, Anne Hathaway glasses are also spread worldwide. Fans all around the world accept these glasses not only as object of star-pursuit, but also an ornament of fashion.

 Anne Hathaway Eyeglasses

In Anne Hathaway’s first movie, Princess Diary, she poses herself in the screen with big black framed glasses. Although she doesn’t start as a pretty girl, her curly hair and big glasses also impresses audience. Moreover, years after the movie has been on, the big black framed glasses become parts of the top fashion. As well as the common girl who has become a charming prince at the end of the movie, the ugly glasses also become a hot choice of today’s fashion girls.

 Anne Hathaway Eyeglasses

Not long after the Princess Diary hit the world, Anne Hathaway takes part in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Besides all the dazzling dresses which are totally beyond our recognition, fashionable eyewear also claims a place. The sunglasses Anne Hathaway wears in the fashion show of Milan, full of dignity and aristocracy, reveals a elegance of glorious ladyship. The sunglasses are also the standard symbol of luxury and fashion.


Except the in the movies, Anne Hathaway also wears glasses in several activities and daily even, such as the news conferment for the cartoon Rio. In the conference, her showing up with the retro glasses is even more impressive than the conference itself.


All in one world, Anne Hathaway has worn lots of eyeglasses of different flavors; just like that she has played plenty of roles of different characteristics in a good amount of movies. With each glass, she can display endless attraction at different occasion. Sometimes, when you are in the need of going to a special party, where to find a proper eyewear like Anne Hathaway’s? Go to Firmoo and you will get what you need.


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