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 Vintage Glasses Still Remain Popular Among Fashionistas


For fashionistas who want to create their image with the use of some kind of glasses, vintage glasses always occupy a certain place in their heart. It seems vintage glasses have never lost popularity among these fashionistas. And people are happy to buy vintage glasses that can remain popular and stylish over a long time. The most popular vintage glasses are square, round, aviator, cat eye glasses. This time, let's spend some time review some of the less talked about vintage glasses, namely square glasses and cat eye glasses.

vintage glasses

First of all, cat eye glasses seem to be more seasonal. They are less popular compared with classic round and aviator glasses that always remain strong. But to some women, cat eye glasses are very attractive. Cat eye glasses are very picky, and only some women are suitable with a pair of cat eye glasses because cat eye glasses simply are too edgy to most people. But this can also translate into uniqueness, personality and individuality. This is what all cat eye glasses women shared. It is sexy, beautiful, gorgeous and amazing. Cat eye glasses generally have more width than depth, which makes them more suitable for square faces. Cat eye glasses can make a square face look longer and soften the angles.

vintage glasses

Square glasses actually are quite popular among people, but they are less known as vintage glasses. As a matter of fact, square glasses have been quite popular and fashionable in the 80s. And that's where the vintage name is derived. Now most square glasses are designed with many modern elements that make them look like less vintage glasses. But for those who have a strong connection with the 80s, square glasses are still their hottest vintage glasses. Vintage glasses always remind us of the past and sometimes even bring us to the old times. Historical connections are important for fashionistas as long as vintage glasses are concerned. Now with the online shopping heating up, a lot of cheap glasses including vintage glasses can be bought online. Be happy to visit any online store that pleases you and deserves your trust.

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