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 Present-day Pink Sunglasses: Not Only for Girls


In our childhood or sweet memories, pink stuff always belongs to girls or ladies. We can usually find that girls have pink bags, pink sheet, pink furnitures, pink dress, pink shoes and pink sunglasses when they were young. However, at that present-day society, things change, people grow. Something changes in the eyewear and shades field nowadays. To be specific, present-day pink sunglasses may be not only for girls, that is to say, boys or men also have the chances to take a shot. Really? Let's check it out here.

This trend start from Darren Criss who has become a pretty popular dude around the Internet what with Starkid and Glee and his music. What's the collection between Darren and pink sunglasses? Why do pink sunglasses are not only for girls nowadays? In fact, Darren Criss happened to have a pair of signature hot pink sunglasses which feature red rubberized Ray-Ban Wayfarers with a smoky lens tint, sort of like that. In addition, he wore them a lot if the photos around the web can serve as evidence to that, moreover, he stated in an interview at the Outside Lands 2010 festival in San Fran that he wore them quite a lot. Naturally, as he become more and more popular and attract so many people's eyes, his fans latched on to the idea of his iconic pink sunglasses. That's why I said present-day pink sunglasses are not only for girls. To a large extent, he is the one who create a trend in pink sunglasses field.

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