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 What was All the Fuss about Wrap around Sunglasses


Wrap around sunglasses have been springing up like mushrooms in recent years, making quite a big show of their great functionality and fashion potentials. As Yeats put it, a truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellence of heart. Those who opt for wrap around sunglasses must have an avid and ardent heart and desire to express their distinctive taste. They do make the right choice, for wrap around sunglasses are in every way able to satisfy their both needs of protection and style-brandishing.

Wrap around Sunglasses

By definition, wrap around sunglasses, sometimes referred to as "wraps," are sunglasses that curve around the contours of your head, starting at the front and wrapping around the side. On the one hand, one prominent advantage of this design is to offer the maximum UV protection as much as possible and to confer a tight hold onto your face while doing fierce sports activities. That is to say, wrap around sunglasses protect your eyes from the harassment of glare, UV rays, flying fine dust particles from all angles, rather than from just straight ahead. Wrap around sunglasses also fit the head more snugly than traditional sunglasses, and are less likely to fall off. No matter what sports you are falling for, be it golf, basketball, football or tennis, etc., they will suit all your needs of eye protection. On the other, wrap around sunglasses are also characterized by outstanding durability. Put it another way, their life performance is beyond belief owing to their thicker lenses, more substantial hinges and stronger arms.

Wrap around Sunglasses

Such high-end top brands as Gucci, Oakley and Ray Ban have made a remarkable contribution to the popularity of wrap around sunglasses. If you have a penchant for sunglasses with a great brand name, these are definitely the ones you shall quest for. Moreover, online glasses retailers are also another wellspring of quality and cheap glasses. Take Firmoo for example. Their impeccable quality and enticingly low price have been widely and extravagantly acclaimed by their customers. Set your hands upon a pair of wrap around sunglasses straightaway. The cutting edge invested on your person won’t let you down, trust me!


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