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 Fashion Glasses between West and East


In the latest Gala film festival, the spotlight was all turned to Fan Bingbing, a well-known Chinese actress and singer in that she wore a pair of oversized fashion glasses. Next morning, she was the headline coverage figure thanks to her unique eyeglasses. Here I will introduce the current fashionable glasses to you in order to catch the trend both in western and eastern world.

Western Fashionable Glasses
First and foremost, fashionable glasses for westerners are changeable, rich and intensive. In the strong sunlight, the profile of westerners appears to be of more volume. Even in the single day, their feature will change according to the quantity of sunlights. Therefore, their glasses will go with their feature. In the Paul Frank, the notable chain store, you can find hundreds of buyers wear fashionable glasses to walk in and out of the departments.


What’s more, fashionable glasses for the easterners are totally different according to their feature. It is observed that facial form of Asian is plain, so they need stereo glasses in order to highlight their face. Some manufacturers find the remedy for the problem and produce some fashionable glasses in a large size which are soon welcomed by the fashion setters. It is said that after wearing such glasses, the wearer turn out to be a brand new person just like being spelt by a magic.

Last but not the least, you may cast your greedy eyes on the excessive attention of journalists and reports to Fan Bingbing, but you still consider that you cannot pay off the bill. Don’t worry about that now, because fashionable glasses can be also cheap glasses if they are made in cheap material like plastics.

To sum up, fashionable glasses differs between westerners and easterners. But there is a common feature – that is fashion is unsteady matter, so grasp the fashion by purchasing fashionable glasses now.

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