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 Geek Glasses: Geeky Is the New Sexy!!!


Alongside the huge popularity of hit TV shows like the Big Bang Theory and other everlasting Sci-fi shows in the likes of Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, it seems only fair that the geek and the nerdy is about to take over the world. Not only are geeky references prevalent in our daily lives, but more unexpectedly, they even change and revolutionize our view on fashion. Nowadays, it would be hard not to include geek fashion on a list of recent hot fashion trends. Geek glasses, among others, are at the top of what could be categorized as geek fashion. They usually feature large and thick frames, black hue and exaggeratingly large and round rims. Endorsed by many a top music icons and talents that defines our age, these geek glasses really are experiencing what might turn out to be their hey days.

Taylor Swift, the country princess, who has taken the whole world on a fantastic musical journey and become an international superstar in a short time period of three to four years, is a true zealot for geek glasses. Whether in real life or in her always beautifully shot MVs, the country princess could be spotted in geek glasses. She wears them to music festival, on her concerts, to awards show and on her private walk with some mysterious boyfriend that always end up on the front-page of next day's newspaper. Influenced by her and other celebrities are us everyday ordinary people, whom if you take a walk around your neighbourhood, you will find wall fallen in love with this incredible style of fashion glasses.

Unlike other fashion bound items that can only be found in high street fancy stores, geek glasses are all over the Internet, if you want a pair for yourself. Attention, however, should be given to the quality, style and exact size to see if they fit well to your particular face shape. If you've been thinking about upgrading your image, geek glasses might not be a bad choice to start with.

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