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 Transition Sunglasses: the Sunglasses You Can Wear randomly


I would never forget that brilliant companion I colleague brought with at the annual meeting last year. How fabulous she was with her vintage hat and the exquisite glasses. But it was such a joke that some of colleagues teased that why she wore glasses even indoors. Yes, you are right! What she wore that time actually was a pair of transitions glasses.


Are transition glasses better than any other types of glasses, such as retro glasses, aviator glasses, heart glasses? Actually, the former are just one kind of glasses which combines styles and function together while the latter are simply stylish glasses. Transition glasses are kind of glasses which you can wear indoors and outdoors without any worry of the disparity of the light and the inadaptation of your eyes.

Transition glasses are delicate made by fabulous lenses that can diffuse light. The lenses can regulate the light coming to your eyes in different environment. Therefore, wearers will never feel too exposed to the light or lacking of light as well. As glasses zealots, no one can deny this fabulous design of transition glasses.


As functional glasses, transition glasses are so much like photochromatic glasses that they are not as shinning as other series in their glasses group. But with the magic effect they own, transition glasses are also rank front when summer comes. How convenient people can be with such functional glasses? Moreover, even as functional glasses, they are also enough attractive with your delicate choice.

What is the greatest for people who are busy is you don't have to buy two pairs of prescription glasses. Although transition glasses are not announced as expensive glasses, they are not actually cheap glasses as other series with the magic they are doomed to have.

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Jenifer Craig, le 15-05-2018 à 05:21:15 :


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Mozaik, le 06-06-2016 à 09:41:05 :


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