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 Hot celebs in black nerd glasses


Black nerd glasses have made a strong come back to fashion world as a fashion statement. They are all the range among fashionistas including hot celebs. We can find out how hot black nerd glasses are from many pictures of hot celebs wearing nerdy glasses. Let’s find them out.

Male celebs--- speaking of which, Justin bibber and Justin Timberlake are typical representatives of fans of black nerd glasses. Judging from a number of pictures of them, we can easily conclude that they really want to embrace their nerdy side. Chic nerd glasses make them look more fashion forward, which make lots of their fans to follow suit. Since Justin Bieber has good eyesight, he wears non prescription nerd glasses to upgrade his fans. Well, because of his myopia, Justin Timberlake has to wear prescription glasses. To admit no doubt, he look pretty amazing with nerdy prescription glasses, isn’t he?

Female celebs---having become a new women’s fashion statement, chic nerdy glasses are increasing favored by women. Many hot stars like Hilary duff, Anne Hathaway prefer to choose them as chic fashion accessory to spice up their look. For example, Anne Hathaway look pretty good in black nerd glasses which make her snow white skin more charming. Even Madonna wears big nerd glasses on her concert.

Generally speaking, nerd glasses have long been considered a chic item to boost celebs’ look. do you want to have a try? At present, wearing nerd glasses will speak a lot of your sensitive fashion taste instead of giving an impression of a nerd. If you are looking for stylish item that can change the look of your face instantly, black nerd glasses are the very one that you need. Whether you need vision aids or just want to make a fashion statement, you can take a shot at black nerdy glasses.

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