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 Nerd glasses are in style in 2012


It is high time to grab a pair of chic nerd glasses since the nerd fashion trend is quite relentless in the fashion circles. Are nerd glasses cool? To admit no doubt, 2012 is the big year of nerd glasses and they have made a quite stir in the fashion world. There is no surprise that an increasing number of people prefer to wear nerd glasses in order to keep up with the latest fashion nerdy trend. For instance, people have no vision problems are likely to wear non prescription glasses to compliment their nerdy ensembles. Well, those who have to wear prescription glasses in their daily life choose prescription nerd eyeglasses. If you still think they are not in fashion, let’s find out how hot these nerdy look glasses are from famous celebs.


As the matter of fact, nerdy glasses have spotted on many faces of hot celelbs who want to rock the nerdy trend. for exmaple, music boy justin birber often wear black big nerd glasses on many occasions just for fun or a fashoin statement. the big nerd glasses have become a signature part of his look and spice up bieber’s look. his preference for nerd glasses makes his fans to follow him and begin to wear nerd glasses to compliment their image. Well, for famious stars that do need vision correctoin and have to wear rx glasses, nerd style glasses is a way they go. you know, celebs like to go bold. and nerdy glasses are such a good item that help them make a bold fasoin statemnt. For isntacnce, justim timberlake does have one vision problems-myopia. Well, he stil looks very hot even he wears prescripng glasses becaseu his nerd prescriptoin glasses have become a facial itme that flatter his hot face. what’s more, nerd glasses are favored by more and more famous NBA stars. 


It is ture that celebs are sensivtive to the latest fahson trend. we have seen many of them spotted wearing nerd glasses. for now, do you thiinjk nerd yglasses are fashoabel in 2012. Come on, nerds are cool. Let’s rock the nerd fasion trend.



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