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Something about Toric Contact Lens

Added 14/12/2010

Do you know what toric contact lenses are? I didn't know them either until one day I found I had a blurry vision. I went to the doctor who told that I had astigmatism. With explanation from the doctor, I came to be aware that astigmatism is one where rays that propagate in two perpendicular planes have different foci, and corrective lenses are needed to get it corrected. However, if you do not want to wear eyeglasses, which constitutes a burden to the wearers, you could choose a special contact lenses designed  for astigmatism correction, called Toric contact lenses.

Compared with regular soft contacts, toric contact lenses have two powers in them, created with curvatures at different angles, one for astigmatism while the other for either myopia or hyperopia. What's more, they are weighted which enables them to sit on eyes properly and correctly in place. Another feature is that there is a line on the lens near the identifying numbers to indicate the bottom of th lens, therefore, at the very few seconds after you put them on, you would experience discomfort or blurry vision. However, if your blink for sometime, everything would turn out to be ok.

Facing so many different brands, one who firstly comes to contact toric contact lenses would feel puzzled which one to choose. The suggestion is to try one by one to find the most suitable one for you. As a matter of fact, your eye doctor will advise certain brands for you according to you personal eye condition. And those who need a high prescription should choose lighter weight, for heavier ones would restrict oxygen flow to the eye, resulting in dry eye symptoms.

Besides wearing Toric contact lenses, astigmatism patients also have an option of undergoing a surgery. But the problem is that an eye surgery always costs a lot, and not every one is able to afford. What's more, patients have to take a risk to have a surgery and this may not what one wants.

In my opinion, the best way to keep oneself away from toric contact lenses and eye surgeries is to prevent the emergence of any eye problems. If you, up to now, have a good eyesight and do not have any eye disease, you are suggested to get regular eye examinations every year. And you have to keep doing it, because eyes are constantly changing through out life.

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Blue lenses are ideal alternatives to enhance personality

Added 13/12/2010

Contact lenses become much widely used than ever before. This is particularly obvious as more and more color lenses are brought into market. These special colored contact lenses can meet user’s different vision needs and before much popular than ever before. Of so many color contact eye wear, blue lenses are very outstanding and have attracted a lot of people.

Blue color lenses, as their names indicate, refer to contact lenses tinted or brushed in the color of blue. Of course, the word “blue” varies a lot in different situations. Some of them are suitable for people with certain skin colors or eye colors. Anyway, people should be very careful while buying these special lenses. Only in so doing can one find a suitable pair.

Many People want to have very bright blue eyes. This seems blue lenses can help tremendously. However, blue lenses can make wearer’s eyes unnatural to look at. And they are ideal options for people who often attend special parities. Here are some of the most typical series of blue lenses.

It is wide recognized that Freshlook Color blends are some of the most ideal blue contact lenses in the market. But they are not ideal choices for people who want to have very bright eyes. Anyway, people should wear color lenses that are suitable for their personal condition. For example, blue lenses in light color are suitable for people with fair or blond skin colors; opaque lenses are also ideal choices. Of course, there are also blue lenses that can be used to highlight user’s eye colors- this makes their eyes much more natural to look at.

Of course, blue lenses of different series vary a lot in wearing time and maintenance. This requires users very careful in their daily lives. Some of these lenses can be worn for one to two weeks; some for one to two months; or others can be used for one year. Anyway, users should know how to maintain these lenses for much better eye health and longer wearing period.

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Contact lenses and how to maintain them

Added 3/12/2010

Contact lenses are really much better options than eyeglasses in certain situations. However, wearers have to pay more attention to the care and maintenance of these special eye wear. Therefore, it is needed to have a full understanding of these lenses and how to keep them.

Generally, soft lenses, hard lenses and disposable lenses are the three main forms of contact lenses. Based on their special characteristics, each of these lenses can be used for different period of time. For example, soft lenses can be worn for relatively long time; hard lenses are durable and can be used for much longer than soft lenses. However, disposable lenses must be discarded after wearing for certain period of time. Of course, there are also lenses that can be worn for one week or one month. But all these lenses can only be worn within certain period of time. Of course, all these lenses must be used under the guidance of eye doctors. This is because user’s eye condition determines all.

Moreover, the care and maintenance of contact lenses should never be neglected. In particular, new users should be more careful. It is found that many new users can not get used to lenses in the first few times- they always think there are some foreign objects in their eyes. On the whole, users of lenses are usually warned by their eye doctors that never wear lenses while swimming. This is because dirt, bacteria or virus in water may have eyes infected.

Of course, the care and maintenance process can be simple if certain lenses are used. For example, disposable lenses are never needed to be cared or maintained. What wearers should do is to throw away those old ones and replace a new pair. In other cases, contact lenses must be well maintained. And hygiene is the foremost important aspect.

In a word, contact lenses are some of the best alternatives for eyeglasses in some cases. They can bring users a lot of convenience. But the care and maintenance of them should be given great emphasis.

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