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How to Overcome the fear for Having A Lasik Surgery

Added 7/12/2010

In spit of the fact that Lasik surgery is now a popular way to correct refractive errors, however, not everyone at the very beginning can accept such a surgery from the bottom of their heart. Anyhow, eyes, the most precious organ of our body, will be under operation. Then, when wanting to abandon eyeglasses and contact lenses by receiving Lasik surgery, how could you overcome the fear for having such a procedure?

To have a clear understanding of Lasik is necessary. The operation principle of Lasik is to reshape the cornea, because imperfections in cornea could result in eye refractive errors, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. Only knowing how it operates can you find it is a precise and controlled surgery whose success rate comes to nearly 95% of all Lasik patients. Read detailed information concerning Lasik and each steps or consulting a professional surgeon would be good ways to get a knowledge of Lasik. Another way which would provide you an intuitionistic guide is to watch a surgery being done to someone else. Most doctors will allow you to watch it being done. But if you do not have such a chance, you would search relative videos on the Internet, through which you are more likely to know how it processes and how the patients feel. Observing the live operation or video, you would come to know that it is really a rather simple, painless and quick procedure. The patients need to lie on the operation table for merely 10 minutes without feeling any pain. After everything being done, they are even able to leave the hospital, clinic or eyecare center by themselves with a good vision.

What's more, if watching a surgery can not alleviate your concerns or worries either, you are suggested to seek a counseling with a clinical psychologist who will help you conquer the phobias by doing hypnosis or visual aids.

It is ordinary for anyone to feel anxious prior to a surgery, the doctor will prescribe some meditation that can set the mind at ease. Once you develop peace of mind, you will be glad you did. What a Lasik will bring to you is not only a good vision, but also freedom from wearing troublesome eyeglasses and contact lenses. Therefore, keep in mind that if you never get over your fear, you may be stuck wearing glasses forever. Such a thought would also help you overcome the fear for having Lasik eye surgery.

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More details about Lasik procedure

Added 30/11/2010

The emergence of Lasik has really changed the lives of many people. It has helped a lot of people regain perfect vision and get rid of eyeglasses and lenses successfully. The whole procedure will be finished within only twenty minutes, for two eyes.

However, Lasik is not absolutely a risk-free procedure- it can cause certain vision problems to certain receivers. In particular, unqualified candidates run much greater risk of getting these complications.

People who have unstable eye prescription are not suggested to get this procedure; pregnant women can not receive this procedure; people with thin cornea can not get it; non adult are not ideal candidate for it, etc.

Of course, those ideal candidates can really benefit greatly from this procedure. Before the surgery, a comprehensive eye check will be performed to gain some detailed information of eyes and cornea. Before the procedure, some numbing eye drops and sedative medications will be employed to reduce pain. During the surgery, a special laser beam will be generated by some special equipments and the laser beam will be used as a scalpel to treat the cornea. An incision and flap will be made on the surface of cornea. Then, laser will come into eyes and remove those extra tissues. When those extra parts are removed, eyes will regain their original shapes. After that, the flap will be positioned back for recovery.

Due to the cut made on cornea is tinny; little time is needed for recovery. What’s more, Lasik is also a painless surgery and can be finished within very short time. Or most receivers can see clearly of objects and go home just after the surgery.

To be simple, Lasik is ideal option for people who want to get rid of glasses and lenses, but also want to enjoy perfect vision.

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Current Situation of Laser Eye Surgeries in Orange Country

Added 22/11/2010

In the past several years, people in Orange Country would find it will cost a lot to undergo a laser eye surgery, however, in recent years, the price for laser eye surgeries, due to some politics related, have dropped. Common consumers are able to afford such a procedure to get their vision corrected. Cost-effectiveness and painlessness win laser eye surgery the first choice for people having nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, etc..

As the group of people in want of laser eye surgeries gets bigger, numerous medical clinics and facilities specializing in laser eye surgery emerge in Orange Country. The overnight developments of those providers, on one hand, does convenient people in Orange Country, however, on the other hand, results in crazy competition among those providers. To cater to the demand of patients and to attract more potential customers, every clinic and eye care centers cudgel their minds for promotion policies. Giving discount should be one of the best ways for a clinic or an eye care center to attract the eyeballs of more consumers.

However, for patients in Orange Country, they should not merely care about the price. When it comes to medical services, it is more important to consider whether such a surgery strategy is good enough and is suitable to them enough. What's more, to choose an experienced surgeons is of great significance. They are more probably to give a perfect surgery. To know whether the surgery is experienced or not, the patients can simply ask how years have they engaged in this field and the success rate of surgeries they've done in the past. Never feel reluctant to ask those questions, which seem to be an offence to the surgeon, or you may find you lose at an expense of hurting your eye health and even losing sight. One thing needs reminding is that don't blindly pursue famous surgeons, for you may find that a surgeon who might be well known could have done that through one extremely successful operation on someone famous or important, but his or her overall track record might still pale in comparison to other surgeons with lower profiles. To search relative information through Internet or to ask friends or relatives who have ever undergone such a surgery should be good choices.

With the spread of laser eye surgeries in Orange Country, the patients should give more attention to the choice of clinics and surgeons, for you are inevitably to come across some unqualified clinics and surgeons.

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