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Healthy diet as an important part of eye care

Added 19/10/2010

The human body is born with a variety of sense organs, among which the eye may probably be the most vital and delicate. For example, people without eyesight can not perceive all the materials and beautiful landscape. They are usually limited to some simple tasks of jobs. The eyes are essential for the vast majority of people to see their achievements. However, there are many cases of blindness which are caused by different eye diseases or natural aging. Eye professionals have been paying continuous efforts to find ways to prevent blindness because they believe that half of all blindness cases are preventable.
Every one knows that the natural degenerative processes of the eyes are irreversible. And eye diseases such as age related macular degeneration, diabetes, cataracts and glaucoma are in most cases not preventable. However, taking proper care of the precious eyes is very necessary to diminish these risks. In this consideration, some sayings are meaningful, such as prevention is always better than cure and similarly eye care is superior to eye cure. Taking good care of the eyes involves a wide variety of aspects, such as healthy diet, be free of smoking, getting rid of excessive alcohol and so on. Among them, a balanced diet containing lots of beneficial substances is quite important.
Nutrition and healthy vision have long been considered to be interactive. Getting adequate eye nutrients is believed to contribute greatly to the eye health. There are a lot of minerals and vitamins contained in many foods which can help in maintaining good vision. For instance, vitamin A is widely recognized for its role of reducing the incidence of getting cataracts and night blindness. Similarly, vitamin E also reduces the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration. And vitamin C can help in preventing glaucoma. The reason for the effectiveness of these vitamins is that they contain plenty of antioxidants which are born to fight against the effect of oxidation in the body.

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Aged people should pay more attention to eye care

Added 13/9/2010

It is common that some senior citizens, especially those who are very successful in their careers, seldom think they can loose in any aspects, even in aging. Most of them still think they should be the same as young people, and they do not care much about their health, especially eye health. However, it is really essential for them to place greater emphasis’ on eye health, especially when they are over sixty.

They should first make sure that some regular eye exams will be received. People below 18 and over 60 have relatively vulnerable eyes and regular eye checks are essential. Doing so can detect any potential eye diseases at early stage. If there are really some problems, certain measures will be taken by the eye doctors. For example, wearing glasses or using some medicines, etc. Receiving Eye exams is really very important and can help prevent the occurrence of many problems.

As time goes, organs in human body ages on and on. They become less powerful and workable than ever before. Especially, people in aged group always have declining eye sight. Or they may suffer from a series of age-related eye problems, like AMD, presbyopia, cataracts, etc. All these problems must be well detected and cared.

Many people who are over forty will find that their vision decline on and on, but the symptom is- they can not see clearly of objects nearby gradually. This problem is called presbyopia, which is an aged related problem and will become much worse on those much aged people. This problem will affect people’s life greatly, or some are in need of reading glasses or bifocal or trifocal eye wear if they want to do job within arm length.

Another very common eye problem among old people is cataracts. It is the result of aging and will cause blurriness or permanent blindness to sufferers. And the simplest and most effective way is to receive some eye surgeries.

Diabetes can also lead serious eye problems among those aged people. This is because diabetes will cause great damaged to blood vessels in eye tissues- due to extremely high amount of sugar in the blood. This problem is usually called diabetic retinopathy and will cause serious outcomes, like permanent blindness.

To be simple, it is of great importance for aged people to take care of their eyes, especially when they are over sixty. Regular eye exam can help detect any eye change or potential diseases.

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Aspects of eye care

Added 30/8/2010

The eyes have been conventionally thought as the windows of the soul. Nowadays, they are also thought as the windows to people’s hearts, arteries, brain and nerves. This organ is so important and irreplaceable that it requires proper care in many aspects.


Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to eye health. There are quite a couple of eye diseases that are caused by UV rays, such as age related macular degeneration and cataracts. Participating in outdoor activities, it is helpful to protect the eyes from direct sunshine. Wearing a hat with a brim and using sunglasses are some of the normal ways. In order to detect any potential eye problem or disease, it is necessary for any group of people to receive regular eye checkups. For an adult, eye test should be done at least once a year. This will help diagnose any eye condition as early as possible and then they can be prevented from advancing quickly. In addition, one’s sleep pattern is also influential for the eye’s health. In a normal case, at least seven to nine hours of sleep everyday should be ensured. This range of sleep is good for eye health.


Health eyes also rely on a healthy diet, which should contain good sources of vitamin A that is believed to benefit the eyes. Foods rich in this substance include cereals, celery, oily fish, egg yolk and liver. Moreover, brewer’s yeast, liver and whole grain cereals are beneficial to the eyes because they will provide much amount of vitamin B2, which can deal properly with itchy, watery or bloodshot eyes. In most cases, water is considered as a subtle substance for the human body. But in fact, this source is one of the key contributors to wellness of any human being. Water helps the human body regulate body temperature, transport nutrients and oxygen to cells, flushes out toxins and waste as well as other functions. In addition, it is necessary to wash the eyes using rose water frequently.


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