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Beautify your eyes with colored contact lens

Added 1/4/2011

As to city young ladies, they are in strong desire to have some changes to be more beautiful. To buy some new clothes, change for another hair style, and beautify their eyes with colored contact lens becomes more popular. You can change your eye color according to your preference. Perhaps you like the light blue eyes of certain super star. Actually, no matter what color you like, now you can realize your dream to change your eye color to make you beautiful. Referring to the colored contact lens, there are two kinds, one is enhancement color contacts and the other is opaque color lenses.


Enhancement color contacts can be used to enhance your colors with the eyes. They are available in a variety of light colors such as blue, green and gray. This kind of contacts lens can create your natural eye shade appear brighter. When comes to the brown eyes, enhancement color contacts would be either entirely invisible or generate only a incredibly light tint that was not sufficient to change your shade.


Opaque color contacts will work out for brown eyes. It is the most popular among the extreme variety of cosmetic contacts. They are not transparent, because the middle on the lens is obvious, but you can not see it. However, it will influence your vision. It does not mean that you will not possess the ability to see something, but it means that the component of one’s pupil will probably be covered from the opaque color contacts which will reduce your vision.


If you have much interest in wearing colored contacted, you must go to the opticians to ask for some advice. Before you buy them, you have to know what kind of aspects you pay much attention to. If you put much emphasis on beautiful, then you can choose the opaque color contacts.

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Life can also be colorful though with serious vision problems

Added 3/9/2010

Eye is the window to the soul and one may suffer a lot if he or she has some problems in their eyes, or has his or her vision lost. Well, this is true for many people. And many misfortunate people have their lives changed when they have suffered from vision loss. But as it is said that the game never comes to an end till it is over, so does life. There are always some miracles around.

Tom, one of my good friends, has suffered great Macular Degeneration due to inherited factors when he was just a little kid. However, he is one of the most dynamite and optimistic people I have ever seen.

He tells me, he also feels hopeless and desperate at first. But his parents and friends have offered him great help, by encouraging him to stand up. Years of hard work and perseverance makes him one of the most successful men in the community. He says, no matter what the situation is, nothing can stop a willing heart.

He now deems his problem with optimistic attitudes, “the world is just the same as you see it. When you feel hopeless, it is doomed to be dark; positive attitude can make everything fine”. Passion is the key to overcome any difficult, especially psychological problems.

He also thinks that vision is not the only thing that determines one’s life. It is true that vision can help one enjoy more of the world; but the world should be sensed in most cases. When sensed what you need, just do it. There is no end till it ends. The future is just in you own hands.

No one can ever know what may happen on the road of pioneering. Therefore, persistence can help one get rid of any setbacks. If you can not persist, you will be set back. In addition, he also tends to bear curiosity towards everything and people around; be kind to all people is also the source of happiness.

Well, what Tom tells me has greatly moved me. Every people on this planet may suffer from misfortune, but the attitudes should be positive. All problems can be overcome- there are always miracles in life.

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Eyeglasses and cases donation

Added 31/8/2010

In underdeveloped regions on this planet, all sorts of things are needed. At the other side, there are many individuals in the world who want to donate items within their homes to good causes. How to bridge this gap? Donation organizations thus play an important proxy role. Eyeglasses and eyeglass cases are among the things that can be donated, because there are many children and adults who need the gift of eyesight but can not afford those advanced eyeglasses. Donation is always beneficial to a large group waiting behind the scene. The basic point for kind individuals is to know what they can donate and what they can not donate. This is really critical when there are plenty of donation options.

People with enough income who regularly use eyeglasses will simply discard their old pairs of glasses or put them in a drawer somewhere. Most of these wearers go for new pairs just for fashion or a new statement. In fact, these discarded eyeglass frames will help someone somewhere in the world see their surroundings in a way they have never experienced. They may struggle with their eyesight without the help of unaffordable prescription spectacles. All glasses in good shape and some broken ones within reason are acceptable by some donation organizations. Most organizations of this sort have rules and regulations about items they accept in detail. Even eyeglass cases can be donated. To a certain degree, an eyeglass case is very helpful because eyewear receivers still need a place to store them as most eyeglass users do.

Besides what eyeglass items can be donated, another important problem is what organizations will receive these things. It is easy to check with a local optometrist, who usually donates eyeglasses to certain organizations. It is a common practice that an optometrist will maintain a box sitting in the lobby which collects old eyeglasses and cases. Formal organizations that receive eyeglass donations in the United States include Unite for Sight, local Lions Club or other local organizations.

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