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Wanna Look Intelligent and sophisticated? Shop for Big and Tall Black Eyeglass Frames

Added 12/10/2011

Nowadays, as people pay increasing attention to their looks, designers for fashion items feel free to give their creativity a full play without the fear that the items which are too unique will not be easy to be accepted. Actually in this time and age, people attach great importance to innovating. So it is the case with the glass industries. In recent years, the types of glasses come in a variety of options, among which I suppose you’ll fall in love the big and tall black eyeglass frames, boasting an array of elements and styles that portray elegance and greatness harmoniously. Now let me share with you my knowledge about big and tall black eyeglass frames.


What are big and tall black eyeglass frames?

Big and tall black eyeglass frames, as we can tell from its name, are oversized eyeglasses with big and black frames. Boasting simple but unique design and the black frame, they are welcomed by both manufacturers and customers nowadays. Besides, they are fittest for those who pursue not only specialty but also practicability.

Big and tall black eyeglass framesBig and tall black eyeglass frames


Who are fit for wearing big and tall black eyeglass frames?

If you browse any fashion magazine or fashion website, you’ll become aware that why I introduce such type of glasses to you. They are just very “in” this year. Various models on the posters are wearing such glasses, demonstrating a sense of rationality and sophistication. If you wanna bring out the same effect, just put them on and they will add “intelligence” to your look. In addition, such big and tall black glass frames are not picky about the face shapes. What’s more, people of either sex at any age can put them on. Hence, you cannot miss a try!


Where can you purchase such eyeglass frames?

If you are interested in such types of eyeglasses, just google them and you’ll find various online stores which offer a collection of them. Our website Firmoo also provides a lot of the most trendy big and tall black glass frames of the most reasonable prices, yet of very high qualities the same as those big brands, if not better than. Wish you enjoy your shopping there and find out a pair or two that fits you most.

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The Popular 50’s Cat Eyewear: Hot Item in 2011

Added 14/9/2011

Eyewear including eyeglasses and sunglasses has become a necessary part of our life right now. And the eyewear today is made in various styles and colors so as to make people look more beautiful and stylish. And people tend to take eyewear as fashion decoration rather than a device for vision aids or eye protection.


When it refers to eyewear for fashion, the design of 50’s cat eyewear must be taken into consideration. In the eyeglasses industry, there are lots of eyeglasses and sunglasses made in cat eye style. In fact, those eye glasses and sunglasses can enhance user' charm especially for women.

cat eye sunglasses  cat eye glasses  cat eye sunglasses

Since from they were invented, 50's cat eyewear has experience many years and witness many popular celebrities. For example, Andrey Hepburn has worn cat eye sunglasses which created an elegant girl in the movie of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And then Marilyn Monroe has worn cat eye glasses that attracted lots of people. And right now, cat eye sunglasses helps Lady Gaga to finish her fantastic play in recent years.


Apart from those celebrities, 50's cat eyewear also constantly appears in fashion shows. If you are a person who often sees fashion shows, you will find that many brands clothes like to choose cat eyewear to match the models.

cat eye sunglasses

Of course, for our common people, cat eyewear still in the market. No matter eyeglasses for sunglasses, cat eye style eyewear is available. Especially in the big background of retro fashion in this years, cat eye glasses and cat eye sunglasses is really a good choice to be fashion.


Now, have you tired your conventional rectangular eyeglasses or sunglasses? If so, just try some 50's eyewear such as eyeglasses and sunglasses. As long as you choose the right size and color as well as match well of your clothes, you will be the super star in street.

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Come to firmoo Where Free Glasses and an iPod Shuffle MP3 Player Await You

Added 9/9/2011


Have you ever heard of free glasses? Do you believe there are such good things as obtaining free glasses just by one step: clicking the “Like” on facebook? Besides, have you ever dreamt of being a lucky dog, waiting for luck to fall upon you? Now such things are no longer too good to be true since I, myself, as one of the new customers of firmoo.com, has just obtained a pair of free glasses offered by firmoo.com and I’m waiting for an iPod Shuffle MP3 Player! It’s neither fraud nor spam. Just rest assured and let me tell you something about the lucky draw launched by firmoo!

lucky draw

There are two ways to take part in the lucky draw.

1. To get free glasses

All you need to do is “like” frimoo on facebook and then a code will be generated automatically with which you can obtain a pair of free glasses. So simple, isn’t it?

2. To purchase glasses from firmoo at very low price and wait to be chosen as a lucky participant to obtain an iPod Shuffle MP3 Player as a present.

If you are not so satisfied with the styles of free glasses, you might as well come to firmoo.com where a collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses are provided, all boasting trendy elements and good functions. Here you can use the code mentioned above as a coupon priced at 8 USD to purchase any glasses or sunglasses that attract you most. One thing needs to be mentioned is that the prices of glasses charged by firmoo.com is comparatively low on the website. So you could just imagine how cheap the glasses would be! Yet they are of high-end quality, as excellent as those big brands if not better. Moreover, as long as you place an order on firmoo from Monday (8/29) to Sunday (9/4 at 9:00 p.m.), chances are that you may be chosen as one of the 3 lucky participants and be given an iPod Shuffle MP3 player as the prize. An attractive prize, isn’t it?

Action now and wait for fortune to knock on your door!

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