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Eye dryness and ways to treat it

Added 11/12/2010

Eye is one of the most delicate, yet vulnerable parts of human bodies. It allows us see clearly of everything around- this is why eye is called the window to the world; it allows us to sense other’s emotions in particular situation- this is also why eye is called the window of soul. However, eye is prone to various problems. In particular, our eyes may suffer from dryness easily.

Eye dryness is very common and usually called DES (dry eye syndrome). This problem has bothered a lot of people- it die hard. Or it strikes people gradually and can not be effectively prevented or treated. In most case, DES will lead to irritation and vision discomfort.

Though DES is common, it is not inherited. It is found that this problem often strike people who are over forty and those who have certain vision problems. However, this means not aging is the main cause- there are also many other factors leading to it. For example, the change of hormone affects the producing of tears. This is usually reflected in the form of eye dryness. Of course, there are also many other unknown causes and people are suggested to consult with their eye doctors if particular symptoms occur.

Anyway, DES is firmly linked to the eye tissues that generate tears. In other words, if there is something wrong with this part, less tear will be produced and eye dryness occur as a result, no matter what the cause might be. When sufficient tears can not be offered, eye tissues can not be well lubricated and a lot of problems occur, like itchiness, blurriness, light sensitivity, etc.

Luckily, there are now also many effective ways to treat this problem. Some of the way of treatments depends on the causes. For example, in some cases, this problem can be caused by seasonal factors, like temperature, wind, coldness, etc. this is also why some people may suffer from much worse symptoms in certain seasons.

When the air is too dry, people run much higher risk of getting this problem. For this, humidifier and air conditioners can help a lot add humidity in the air. Of course, some daily products can also bring some help. For example, certain shampoo or lotion can help eye work much better. In other cases, protective eye wear are also helpful in eliminating eye dryness.

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Amblyopia Eye Treatment: Antidepressant

Added 30/11/2010

Eyes are to view objects, however, it is not a born in ability. Our eyes have to learn how to function. The infancy period is a formative time when the infant's neurological system is very flexible, and can easily adapt to changing environment stimuli. It is during such a period of time our eyes get visual stimuli and learn how to view. If any one of the eyes can not get adequate visual stimuli, amblyopia eye or lazy eye that we usually refer to could be developed. Amblyopia is a kind of eye disease whose symptom is reduced vision.

As one grows when his/her flexibility of the visual system decreases, it hard for him/her to improve the eyesight dramatically. In the past, the doctor would advise the patients to let the lazy eye work harder by patching the better eye, so that the visual function of the lazy eye can be stimulated. Nevertheless, if the patient is young enough, it may in some degree works. that is to say, it serves little when one reaches a certain age. Vision Therapy(VT) is also applied to retrain the visual system to function correctly. Most people would get their vision improved as long as VT is done properly.

Recently, researches find that the antidepressant medication Prozac is able to restate ocular dominance plasticity in adulthood. Such a discovery brings hopes to older individuals who want to promote their visual impairment, resulted from lazy eyes. Such an issue has ever been published in the Science Magazine, reading that Prozac, a kind of antidepressant medication reopens the critical period of plasticity in the visual cortex, and Lateral Geniculate Body parts of the brain. The Prozac achieves it by reorganizing the neuronal connections in the cortex. In the Magazine, the researches have also explained the possible side effect of Prozac's performance in lazy eye treatment. They should be originated from the long use of drugs, including suicide, severe anxiety, glaucoma and visual filed defects.

Up to now, this study has been only proved to effective in the rats experiments, so further experiments on human being should be done to make sure its effectiveness. Therefore, long term research needs to be done to determine the risk and benefits of such treatment, and improved should be necessarily made.

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Quitting Smoking Reduces the Possibility to Suffer from Macular Degeneration

Added 26/11/2010

It is known to all that smoking is bad for health. As for eye heath, every cigarette you smoke is causing damage to your vision. Macular Degeneration is a potential eye disease that would be caused by smoking.

Macular degeneration is a disease that causes progressive damage to the macular, the central part of the retina that allows us to see fine details. As the macula degenerates, people would experience blurring or darkness in the center of their vision. There are two types of macular degenerations, the dry one and wet one. The dry macular degeneration is a more common form, which accounts of 90% of all macular degeneration. In spit that there are a lot of medications can be used to diagnose this disease, however, a complete cure is impossible. Therefore, the best way to be away from Macular generation is to minimize the possibility to suffer from it.

Statistics show that the emergence of Macular degeneration is closely related to the risks caused by smoking, apart from aging, for smoking would contribute to damages to retina. It is researched that smokers have a double chance to suffer from Macular degeneration and the non-smokers living with smokers are more probable to develop into Macular degeneration.

To remind people the bad affects upon vision health, an organization of Prevent Blindness America is designated to the month of February. It is to educate the masses on this disease and introduce them ways to avoid it. It also reminds people to have a regular eye check from eye care professionals every year, in light of the fact the Macular degeneration cases in number are ballooning up to about 3 million in the year of 2020.

Many people would neglect the side effect posed by Macular degeneration until one day they find themselves difficult to read books and see the fine details. And even some would not realize the importance of preventing the development of Macular degeneration until one day they lose their vision. Therefore, it important to be aware of the seriousness of Macular degeneration and have a knowledge of preventing it, such as quitting smoking and eating healthy foods, including green leafy vegetables, foods rich in Vitamins E and C, beta carotene and zinc.

Are you aware of the fact that smoking affects your own eye now? If you are, quit smoking immediately.

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