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CVS and computer glasses

Added 10/5/2010

Computers are becoming more and more popular in both developed and developing countries. An increasing number of workers need to perform some tasks in front of a computer screen. In addition to work needs, computers have been an indispensible part of some people’s daily lives. They use computers to chat with friends, play games, watch movies and so forth. Modern computers equipped with advanced technologies are very powerful, not to say there are numerous companies developing new techniques and applications.

However, benefits described above are only one aspect of the wide computer use by the public. There is no denying that computers can increase productivity for companies and enrich ordinary folks’ daily lives. Yet a negative factor that associated with eye health is always neglected. It is common for computer users to stare at the monitors for long stretches. They usually spend consecutively several hours in front of a computer screen without any break. In some cases, computer work does require people to spend a couple of hours with careful focus.

The problem is that this kind of hours of work can cause a lot of stress on the eyes, leading to eyestrain, fatigue and even blurriness. These problems can be more serious for wearers of contact lenses. Since contact lenses need regular and frequently eye blinking, long time of eye staring can cause dry eye quite easily. Without enough eyes blinking, contact lenses could never maintain normal moisture. There are other problems associated with excessive computer work, such as neck or back pain, eye irritation and so on. A formal term “computer vision syndrome (CVS)”is commonly used to describe these conditions.

Computer glasses are the right solution to CVS. Performing as a kind of task-related glasses, computer eyeglasses have been created to be worn specifically for long time of computer work. With the help of these glasses, computer users can perform tasks in front of computer monitors for more hours without suffering symptoms of CVS.

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Proper ways of computer use

Added 6/5/2010

According to the mechanics of vision, one of the key reasons ofvisual problems is eye muscle stress on a regular basis. In order tomaintain or regain excellent natural vision, an essential approach isto reduce or eliminate such kind of stress. There are many sources ofeye muscle stress in the modern society. Most people can name some ofthe potential points of eyestrain with ease. In fact, computer inducedeye stress is commonly recognized as one of the broadest categories.

Since the invention of computer, this intelligent device has mademore and more individuals with any occupation highly dependent on it.While some of them use a computer for work such as programming andphoto-processing, there are still many people need a computer toperform many personal and entertaining activities, such as staying intouch with friends and family members, Christmas shopping, scrapbooking and playing video game. It is quite common that the computerhas become indispensable device that it is needed both in office and athome.

One of the prevailing problems of such an excessive dependency oncomputer is CVS, which brings many visual and non-visual symptoms.Paying enough attention to this syndrome, computer users are encouragedto make some changes when they are performing computer tasks.

The first requirement is to correctly position the computer screen,which should keep a distance between 2 and 2 1/2 feet away from theuser’s eyes. It is considered as the most damaging activity if the userviews the screen too close or too far away. In addition, propercomputer screen position also means the screen should be directly infront of the user.

Computer users are also advised to increase both the screen contrastand font of the text being viewed. Such kind of settings can enhancevisual comfort and minimize eyestrain. When glare occurs duringcomputer use, never battle it. The right way to remove it is toreposition the monitor.

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