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Some details of an eye exam

Some details of an eye exam

Added 3/6/2010

One of the important elements of medical routine is eye examination,which is quite essential to minimize eye problems possible. Imaginingthe world of a blind man, everyone should appreciate the wonderfulearth through the eyes. Taking good care of the eyes should be anindispensible element of being healthy. Most people do not know aboutthe details of an eye exam, not to mention those who are still unawareof the importance of it. In fact, it is necessary for eye testrecipients to know the whole process of an eye exam, including whichvision problems will be checked.

In general, the eye structure, potential eye diseases and visionproblems are within the scope of eye tests. Opticians can take use ofvarious ways to test a patient’s eyes. Common tools contain variousdegrees of light, different lenses as well as other more professionaldevices. Common vision problems can be easily diagnosed, while certaineye diseases only show their implicit signs. A problem detected at theearliest stage is easiest to treat and cure. During an eye test, apatient is always required to provide a brief medical history. In somecases, eye disease history of family members is also needed. The doctorwill note all these aspects down for further referral.

In detail, an eye exam contains several aspects. One of them isexternal examination, during which flashing light will be used to checkthe cornea, the skin surface and so forth. Another task is to check forvisual acuity. As mentioned before, this task involving lenses withdifferent powers is performed to diagnose common vision problems suchas myopia and hyperopia.

People of different ages need to receive regular eye exams indifferent frequencies. For young adults in their 20s or 30s, eye examsin every 7 years are acceptable. But for people older than 40, they areencouraged to take regular eye tests every 2 years. Individualssuffering healthy conditions associated with the eyesight need to betested more frequently.

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