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Eye exercises are conducive to your eyesight

Added 29/12/2009

Many people have a kind of idea that watching too much TV, reading without enough light, small intake of carotene, and sometimes heredofamilial basis do great damage to their vision. However, I can assure you that it’s the chronic strain rather than these reasons that cause the bad vision of your eyes. Since we’ve found the true reason of bad vision, what shall we do to resolve this problem?

My suggestion here is to do eye exercises, which can relax your eye muscles. Some people will feel puzzled why exercises would alleviate strain. On the contrary, they think that would bring about more strain on their eyes. Maybe they mistake the meaning of the term ”eye exercises” for “eye strengthening exercises”, nevertheless the exercises are aimed at relaxing your eye muscles.

Then you are more perplexed about the difference between these two expressions. Imagine you are doing “breathing exercises”, you are just learning the correct way of breathing but not strengthening your lungs. So are “eye exercises”.

What you get from doing these exercises are the rules of getting part of your body much better. As for “breathing exercises”, once you’ve learned the rules of breathing, you will correctly breathe unconsciously, which is good for your lungs. And as long as you practice eye exercise sincerely, you’ll finally grasp the essentials instinctively.

It is the same with learning a musical instrument, such as the violin, only when you’ve learned the principles, and practice many times later, you can be truly good at playing the violin. That means, you’ll know how to relax eye muscles after you learn the rules.

Well, you begin to suspect wearing glasses, which is said to essentially damage the eye muscles. I do not think this is a key issue; think about how you get your eye muscles damaged to the extent that you need glasses to aid your vision before wearing them-that’s certainly not the fault of eyeglasses.

I didn’t mean that glasses would definitely be harmless to people’s eyes, but if you want to restore your good eyesight, first of all you need to take off glasses, at least bring a lesser degree lens when you cannot see clearly without glasses(about 2 degrees weaker).

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Five factors associated with eye health

Added 28/12/2009

The eye is one of the most important organs of human body. And it isquite critical to take good care of the eyes. Yet there are several toprisks that threaten eye health.

Diabetes is always accompanied by high sugar levels, which maydamage the blood vessels of the body, especially those in the eyes.Studies have found that excess amounts of blood sugar caused bydiabetes can significantly increase the risk of several eye diseases,including cataracts, blood leakage in the retina, macular edema,macular degeneration, and glaucoma as well as eye infections.Associated with so many possible diseases, diabetes has become a topcause of blindness among US citizens.

Natural aging is inevitable in everyone. Vision loss at differentdegrees is quite common among old people, especially in those above 50.Vision loss caused by natural aging is always gradual and notnoticeable. Yet there are still other health conditions that indirectlyor directly affect eyesight in older individuals. Those factors includeuncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, cataracts,AMD, retinal tears and detachment, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy aswell as presbyopia.

There is a great population of smokers in the world. Unfortunately,most people are not aware of the deleterious effects of smoking on theeyes. Smoking has been thought to increase the risk of maculardegeneration and cataracts. This bad habit influences eye healthby affecting oxygen level in the ocular tissues. Smoking makes asmoker’s heart to work harder and raise blood pressure, which becomesless efficient in delivering sufficient oxygen to the eyes.

High blood pressure in the eyes can lead to small leaks and clots.Blood leakage in surrounding eye tissues usually affects focus ability.And clots in the eye consume precious oxygen and even cause visionloss. Contributors of high blood pressure include heart disease,diabetes, and unresolved renal disease.

Nutrition also plays an important role in maintaining good eye health.People should regularly consume beneficial nutrients such asanti-oxidants including vitamin A, C and E as well as healthy fats suchas omega-3 acids. A lifelong unhealthy diet can speed up aging process.

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