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Introduction on soft contact lenses

Added 12/11/2010

Nowadays, there are a wide range of people who wear soft contact lenses in order to help them to see clearly. With the help of soft contact lenses, people no longer need to worry the glasses will influence their appearance or show their weakness to others, moreover, compared with hard contact lenses, soft contact lenses are very comfortable to wear. Therefore, soft contact lenses are very popular all over the world. The following will give some introduction on soft contact lenses, read ahead if you want to learn more about it.

There are a wide range of soft contact lenses available on the market in different brands, functions and designs. No matter you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia, you can always find one to satisfy your needs. But make sure that soft contact lenses need to be purchased on the base of the prescription given by our eye doctor. Eye doctor will use a single number to describe lens power and soft spherical single vision contact lenses are measured in the power increments of 0.25D. For example, if our current contact lens power is +1.5D, and the higher prescription we will need is +1.75D.

For people with dry eyes, they will feel easily irritated to wear contact lenses. The best way to make the soft contact lenses comfortable to wear is to reduce the water content in the lens. There is 50% to 60% water content in traditional contacts, while modern silicon hydro gel can only contain 30% water. Besides, in order to keep the soft contact lenses moist, there are also new polymers on the lenses.

Compared with hard contact lenses, soft contact lenses are more comfortable to wear as there is more water content from 25% to 79%, and they are gas permeable in order to make more oxygen to get through the lens into our eyes. While at the same time, soft contact lenses are not as sturdy and durable as hard ones. As it is more gas permeable, protein and bacteria are more likely to build up on the lens, which will cause eye irritation and infection.

The proper care of soft contact lenses is critically important. We should follow our eye doctor’s instructions to clean and maintain the lenses in proper way. And we should not have our lens dry up. After removing the lenses, we should keep it in the solution. And when we catch cold, or infections, it is wise not to wear contact lenses, but to wear a pair of glasses instead. And when we have eye make-up, we should wear our contact lenses first. As the lens is sensitive to some deodorants and hair sprays, so we should close our eyes tightly while having the hair sprays. Moreover, we should never forget to change the soft contact lenses according to its schedule.

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Contact lenses and new Users

Added 9/11/2010

Contact lenses are some of the most widely used vision corrective articles, which can be purchased from eye doctors’. Of course, there are also some other places for these lenses- more and more people now do not want to buy lenses from eye doctors’ only. If people really want to buy contact lenses from other places, they have a lot of work to do. One of the foremost important things is to follow eye doctor’s suggestions and instruction in maintaining and caring.

Contact lenses now can really bring users much greater comfort than ever before (all quality lenses are made from the most advanced materials in the field). For example, some lenses can keep eyes moist at anytime. However, new users of these lenses should be very careful.

Some new users often make mistakes in telling the right and the left lens. In fact, this can be avoided if they can read the print on the lenses. What’s more, new users often neglect the importance of hygiene- it is really essential to keep hands clean before handling. Contact users are always suggested to wash their hands with soap before handling; to rinse their lenses with special solution after removing; place lenses in those solution while sleeping, etc.

What’s more, contact lenses can now also be used for cosmetic purposes, in addition to vision correction - some color lenses can really enhance users’ personal images greatly. However, it is also needed for people to consult with their eye doctors first before buying and using colored lenses.

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The different categories of contact lenses

Added 4/11/2010

There are a wide range of contact lenses available on the market nowadays. In order to have the most suitable one for our eye need, we must have some understanding of these contact lenses and know their differences. The following will give some introduction on the different categories of contact lenses in the hope of giving people more help in choosing the best lens for themselves.

The main common type of contact lenses are hard and soft lenses. Both hard and soft lenses are made of various types of polymers, which usually contain some different kinds of hydro gel. At the beginning, hard contact lens was made out of a polymer, called PMMA, but it can not allow oxygen to get through it to the eyeball, so people would feel uncomfortable or irritated to wear them. Then rigid gas-permeable contact lens is introduced, shorted for RGP. Nowadays, RGP and soft contact lenses are made of hydrophilic material which is a kind of water-absorbing material and can allow more oxygen to get through it and reach our cornea. Therefore, the lenses are comfortable to wear.

As the hard lens is replaced by rigid gas permeable lens, so the main types of contact lenses are soft lens and rigid gas permeable lens. Both of them have their own advantages. For soft contact lens, it is easier and more comfortable to wear as it is moveable and can allow more oxygen to reach our cornea. And RGP lens enables people to have a clearer vision as the lens is sturdier. Besides, RGP lens are more durable and can be worn for longer life expectancy. Both rigid gas permeable and soft lenses can come into disposable lens, and soft lens is more popular for disposable lens, which can be worn from seven to thirty days based on its specific use and features.

Besides disposable contact lenses, for people who need to wear the lens for almost all the time, they can choose extended contact lens. Most of extended contact lenses are soft contact lenses, while just a few are rigid gas permeable lens. The extended contact lens can be worn for the specific requirement of time without removing them, and till its valid date, we can just discard them.

Another type of contact lens is the specialized contact lens called Ortho-K. With the help of Ortho-K, we can change the curve in our cornea temporarily, but it is not a permanent fix. This will be good for preventing our eyes from still and keeping the curvature of our cornea.

For contact lens wearers, there are some cleaning and maintenance tips we should follow. In case that we lose one lens, or our eyes get infected, it is better to bring a pair of glasses with us. And before handling the lens, it is a must to wash our hands.

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