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What Should People Do For Online Purchasing?

Added 8/3/2010

Nowadays, more and more people tend to purchase eyeglasses online, for there are so many alternatives for them. But there are also something should be noticed if they want to get ideal glasses.

The first point is people should receive regular eye examination, so as to get the latest eye prescription. An accurate prescription can ensure a good eyeglass.

The second point is people should get their PD measurement. It should be recorded on the related prescription. Some people worry that this process is too complicated and they give up. In fact, this process is very simple and only a specific machine will be used. During this process, the machine will measure the distance between the centers of pupils and record the data very accurately. People of different age group have different data range. For example, adult group is on an average of 63mm and Child about 54mm. PD measure can also be gained by adding the separate data of two eyes. Still, people can also use some special methods to get their PD measurements.

Some people love to wear individualized glasses. So they should also record some related data about their glass frames. The data can be gained by measuring the frames. The data can sometimes play decisive role on the ordered glasses. Here is a group of data that are usually used by many people, say, 53mm, and 17mm and140mm. The former is the width of lens, the middle is bridge distance and the last one is arm length. Of course, people should know the lens height of their glasses. Though different people love to wear glasses of different lens height, 26mm is the least height for progressive glasses. People can take a reference to their existing glasses when getting those related data. The reference can help people get a relatively accurate standard for their new glasses. Better glasses can be gained if people have very accurate measurements from eye doctors.

Some people love to stylish glasses. Thus, sometimes people should pay some attention to the style of the glasses. There are so many stylish frames and people can have multiple choices. In the meantime, the materials of the glasses should also be taken into consideration.

Prescription details are essential if people want to get ideal glasses. However, sometimes, some people do no know how to read or decipher their prescriptions. They are suggested to ask the online suppliers for help. In most cases, if sphere power is limited to a specific range, namely, +6.00 to -6.00, a suggested mid index is about 1.56. If between +6.00 to -8.00, a suggested thin index is 1.61. As for those between +8.00 to -12.00, a suggested high index is 1.67. 1.74 is just for those extreme cases. Generally, good glasses should be anti-reflective, glare-avoided, scratch-proofed, UV-preventive, etc. If People have any more requirements, they should tell the online vendors.

For online purchase, credit card is very nice and can make the transaction much more convenient. In most case, people can get their goods within one week after the ordering is shipped. Of course, if the prescription is too complicated, more time will be consumed. Therefore, people should be patient to wait for their ordering. Anyway, purchasing online can save a lot of time and money.

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Ways for Buying Glasses on Internet

Added 23/12/2009

With the booming of internet technology, you can not only getvarious information both home and abroad in your soft sofa and even onyour comfortable bed, but also you can shop on line without going tothe shopping mall. No wondering, getting books, airline tickets, orcomputers on-line is acceptable, however to buy something that you haveto have a try at first, such as eyeglasses, may seem strange andmiraculous, “How to get a satisfied glasses on line? What specialattention should I pay to? How long will I get what I have ordered online? How much will it cost and how about the quality?”You can't helpasking yourself. Anyhow all your questions will be uncovered.

Actually three easy steps will help you make an order on line. Thefirst step is to select your lenses and frames on the web-page. Usuallythis step is the most important. For lenses and frames are the finalproducts that you need and will accompany you for quite a long time,thus you should select carefully. Last but not least, make sure theglasses delivered to your door. Normally in 10 to 15 days you will getwhat you have ordered.

On the other hand, as everyone cannot ensure there is definitely nofraud, you should check the information of both the dealer andmerchandise carefully to make sure they are reliable. You should choosethe shop that has a higher than Average Customer Rating to buy what youwant. It is not only just safe, but also looks after your interests.

Ultimately, you needn’t worry a lot about the price and the quality,it is absolutely much cheaper than that on the market. Why? Becauseframes and lenses on line are all directly from the manufactures, whichmakes the unbelievable prices likely. In addition, we only usemulticoated, light and thin lenses that of high quality. Everygreat-looking pair of eyeglasses will look much better and you willfeel more comfortable and fashionable as well.

I personally have very good experience in purchasing eyeglasses at www.Firmoo.com, they offer good quality frames, lenses and after-service. Their return and refund policy makes your purchase risk-free.

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