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Devices for Victims of AMD

Added 17/11/2010

Victims of AMD (age-related Macular Degeneration) will have to suffer a lot in their work and daily lives. For example, they can not deal with nearby tasks, like reading. And the symptom worsens as the problem progresses. Therefore, it is needed to find some aiding devices for better vision.

People with AMD should first consult with their eye doctors before buying low-vision devices of any kinds. Eye doctors will first lead some eye exams to see what the specific problem and condition is. Based on people’s personal situation and needs, some specialized aiding devices or eye wear will be prescribed. Of course, the task or purposes also determine the making of these aiding devices or eye wear.

People who often read or do other nearby task are in need of near vision devices; those who often use computer or do other intermediary job need middle vision devices; those who often drive need far vision aiding devices.

People who have to read or do other things at arm-length distance may use magnifiers of certain kinds. But these devices may cause inconvenience sometimes. And some eye wear might be much better options. These eyeglasses can offer different vision effects for victims with different needs. For example, there are in the market bioptic eye wear. These eyeglasses can ensure two different vision fields.

Of course, there are now more and more inventions for people with AMD, as technology advances. For examples, some speakers can be found in certain documents or devices. All these devices can really benefit victims of AMD greatly both in their work and daily lives.

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An Instruction of Lasik Surgery

Added 16/11/2010

Prior to make an decision to have an eye surgery to correct vision, to consider what types of surgeries, a normal refractive eye surgery or a custom lasik surgery, is more suitable to you is crucial. In spit that lasik performs well in vision correction, however, not everyone is a good candidate for it. Wrongly undergoing such a surgery would result in serious consequences. Therefore, you are suggested to know the types of lasik surgery, and respective features and performs firstly.

There are different types of lasik up to now, and the differences lying among all of them is concerned with the way the mapping system that guides the way laser works. During the process, the wavefront, which is firstly applied by astronomers to correctly guide the optics of their telescope for better vision, plays a rather important role in detecting the aberrations. Compared with the ordinary eye surgeries, where there is no wavefront applied, it is hardly to detect the aberration accurately, instead such a detection depends on the observation of the surgeon. In some degree, errors are possible merely through the surgeon's detection. Another function of the wavefront is that after detecting the aberrations, it would correct those aberrations through guided ablations. Then it would be easily concluded that lasik is a rather automatic surgery, controlled by a computer. That is to say, lasik can accomplish an correction fairly accurately.

When the aberration is mentioned, it should be illustrated that the aberration can be classified into two types: LOA or lower order aberration and HOA or higher order aberration. The former one can be easily detected through observation of the surgeon and can be corrected by commonly known refractive techniques; while the latter one comes to be comparative more difficult for a surgeon to detect it, and then when coming across HOA, wavefront should be selected. Wavefront also helps the surgeon understand whether one needs wavefront ablation or not. That is to say, wavefront are both useful in the confirmation of whether one is in need of a custom lasik surgery and performance in correcting aberration by wavefront ablation.

With such a brief instruction of lasik surgery above, it is hoped that you would make a right choice in choosing a conventional refractive surgery or a custom lasik surgery to get your vision corrected.

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What should we learn about LASIK eye surgery?

Added 11/11/2010

LASIK eye surgery is more and more popular nowadays as it can realize some people’s dreams of getting rid of glasses or contact lenses in their later life. Though it is a minor procedure with the advantage of short operation time, less recovery time, painless and higher successful rate, there is still some risks in the LASIK eye surgery. However, a lot of people just want to take the surgery, but do not know much about it. It is because lacking the knowledge about the surgery and communication with surgeons, after the surgery, they will feel they are not satisfied with the treating result. The following will introduce what we should learn about LASIK eye surgery in order to help people to know more about the surgery.

As we know, the eye is the most delicate and sensitive part of our body, and the most important organ for all of us, so no one wants to play jokes on their eyes. Before deciding to take LASIK eye surgery, we must make sure to have ourselves educated in the following aspects:

First, we should lean about the procedure and how laser works to reshape our corneas, what kind of risks will exist in this procedure and after the procedure, and how to follow up after the surgery. It is important to know under which kind of conditions, the surgery is not suitable for us and will put us under risks. In this way, we can try to find what we should do to avoid or lessen these risks in order to achieve successful treating result.

Second, we should learn more about the surgeons. Surgeons play important roles in the surgery. So we should talk with several surgeons to find the most satisfactory one to perform the surgery. How to choose the best surgeon for us is an important subject for us to learn. We can check their experience, certificate and reputation. And we can also check if the surgeon is willing to give us replies concerning our questions and have enough information for us. It is important to check if we are comfortable with the surgeon, which will make us at ease and lessen the fear of the surgery. And we can also check the service of the staff in the center to see if we can get good service when we take the surgery in this center.

We can learn the above information from Internet, journals, people who have taken this surgery and communicating with our eye doctor. Among these channels, visiting our eye doctor is an important way. By visiting our eye doctor, we can have our eyes tested completely and consult with them about questions we have concerning the surgery. Don’t afraid to ask questions, please note that doctors have the responsibility to answer patients’ questions and build trust from their patients. The more we know about the surgery, the more ease and confidence we will have on the surgery.

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