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How to Judge If Your Doctor Own a Qualified License

Added 26/8/2010

People who are in the eye disorder have a great desire to see the world as a normal person. Fortunately, Lasik Corrective Eye Surgery comes into being and change the life of most people. It’s a quite vital thing to decide who will be your doctor. With the right doctor, it will be more probably for you to avoid the unwanted effects of surgery. Or when something unexpected happens during the surgery, a proficient doctor can deal with the accident more professionally. So spending some time to know more about your doctor is quite worthy of it.

First and foremost, internet is of a great help for you to check a doctor’s credential by open their own websites. They hang their credential on the websites to let themselves more competitive. Meanwhile, there must be his publications and awards certifications, from which you can grossly extrapolate the capability of the doctor. Additionally testimonials from his previous clients are also available. You know how the doctor deals with complications and his attitudes to the patients. There are also some people who have already done the Lasik Corrective Eye Surgery before, and their experience are very valuable. Besides, surveys about famous surgeon are available in the internet, which can be a reference.

After you pick several enormous doctors, it is time to meet those doctors. At first, you should make an appointment with the desk clerk. If you are not treated well, you should think twice about the Lasik surgeon. Because if his subordinate has bad temper, how the quality of service during the surgery and how the doctor can be better? When coming to the section of communication with your doctors, you can have a further talk with your doctor to help you know more about your doctor, like whether he is frank or whether he pays enough attention to you and so on. The most important part is the suggestion and information that your doctor gives to you. In the abstract, he should tell you all the process of the surgery and inform you all the possible complications. Even more, they should tell you how to deal with them while complications really happen. If your doctor is not willing to talk with you deeply about the details of the surgery or something useful about the operation, you should turn to another one instead. After visiting all the considerable doctors, you can compare them one from another, and then choose the best and the right one to complete the Lasik Corrective Eye Surgery for you.

Eventually, go to do the operation at the time you have arranged with your doctor. I think after all the investigation you will certainly enjoy the good eyesight after the Lasik eye surgery.

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How night vision works

Added 26/7/2010

Night vision refers to the people’s ability to see in the darkness. Scientists found that human being can only see a very small percentage of all the light, which is called visible light. In order for people to see what’s going on at night, mainly for military purpose in he beginning, scientists started the long journey of research for night vision.

Scientists found two factors are impacting people’s night vision, the spectrum of light and the light intensity, which means that people can have good night vision either the spectrum is within people’s visual range, or the light intensity is intense enough for people to recognize the objects in front.

Many animals like cats have much better night vision. Anatomy of these animals’ eyes shows they have larger eyeballs, bigger lenses and bigger pupils. Scientists speculated that some animals’ night vision equals to generation 1 or 2 night vision devices.

The simplest way to improve people’s nightvision is the way driver’s night vision eye glasses work. Night vision eye glasses for driving purpose use peculiar lenses to expand the spectral range of light and people’s nightvision can be improved by being able to see different shades and contrast of light.

While most of the nightvision devices are pretty high-tech instruments. These nightvision devices are image intensifiers amplifying the dim or weak light to the visible signals for human beings, which range from active infrared generation 0 to passive generation 3. These nightvision devices were developed for the military purpose but now are also widely used in civilian spheres.

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H1N1 cases dropping but need to keep an eye: Health Ministry

Added 30/3/2010

If numbers are to be believed, the incidence of deadly H1N1 virus in India seems to be dropping. Health Ministry statistics have lately shown a marked fall in the number of swine flu deaths and infections in India.

India reported only 12 cases of H1N1 virus on March 20 (maximum from Maharashtra) without any death. No death was reported on March 21. On March 22, only 15 new cases were recorded and March 23 saw 16 cases from Maharashtra without any death.

According to experts, it is a welcome trend but there is a need to keep a watch. “The decline may have started but there is a need to keep a watch for at least this year. We still do not know how the virus will behave once the weather changes,” said Dr V M Katoch, DG, Indian Council of Medical Research.

Doctors say summer is playing a crucial role in the change in the trend. The change again may be seen in September. “We have two peaks of influenza-like illness, once in monsoons and during winters. The concern would now be about September. The change in temperature has a lot to do with the significant downfall in the number of victims of the novel virus,” said Dr Randeep Guleria, Professor of Medicine at AIIMS. “Gradually H1N1 will become seasonal flu virus.”

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