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Wear Plastic Sunglasses for Their Various Advantages

Added 5/9/2011

When you are walking in the hot sun, you must be longing for wearing a pair of sunglasses which can protect your eyes from the sun and give you clear vision. However, there are too many sunglasses of different shapes, colors, materials and so forth. We are dazzled when we try to choose one pair of sunglasses. Here, I want to recommend plastic sunglasses to every sunglasses lover.

As is well known, plastic is a kind of material which is light. Therefore, sunglasses made by plastic are light. This is an advantage which attracts many sunglasses lovers. People who wear sunglasses for a long time must know that if the sunglasses are too heavy, the wearer will feel uncomfortable, especially their nose, for the heavy sunglasses exert much pressure on the wearer’s nose bridge. With a pair of light plastic sunglasses, sunglasses lovers don’t need to worry that their noses which might have to bear too much pressure.

plastic sunglasses plastic sunglasses

In general, plastic sunglasses are very cheap for the advanced science and technology has reduced the production costs of plastic. This is a boon to every sunglasses lover. They can spend less money buying a pair of sunglasses which they love. Though the prices of plastic sunglasses are low, they are also of high quality. There are many merits of plastic frames. Wearers can easily bend them to fit for their head without worrying about breaking the frames. In addition, plastic sunglasses are immune to the corrosion of salty water.

plastic sunglasses plastic sunglasses

One more advantage we should pay attention to plastic sunglasses is that they are very colorful. We can find plastic sunglasses of all colors. This is why plastic sunglasses become more and more popular. Stylish people can choose plastic sunglasses of any color which can make them different. For example, bright orange plastic sunglasses can give people a strong visual shock. People may quickly pay attention to the wearer.

orange plastic sunglasses

On the whole, there are many advantages of plastic sunglasses. You won’t be regretted that you own a pair of plastic sunglasses. 

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Leopard print items

Added 12/8/2011

Do you love animal print fashion? Many ladies are conquered by the power of Leopard. Whether it is a day out with your friends or you are heading for a celebration party, items with leopard print is easy to make a perfect match if you make the best of it. Leopard print is frequently adopted in many dresses and accessories.



Are you still worried about what to wear for an important occasion? A leopard print dress will help you out. Pick one which fits your body and highlights your lines. Match it with a really nice relax leather belt. That will really take your leopard print into something with a jungle feeling and much more exotic. Take a look at Paris Hilton, her dress makes her appear sexy and gorgeous. Isn’t it easy to look stunning?

Paris Hilton leopard dress


High heels

Many fashion-conscious women own at least one pair of striking, stylish leopard print high heels. Leopard print high heels can instantly spice up and make your outfit look more exotic within seconds. Black and white high heels are generally the most preferred women’s heels as they either blend into the background or stand out incredibly. Apart from the classic brown color, different colors can also go well with the leopard print.

high heels high heels high heels

Purses and Handbags

Purses and handbags will never go out of style for it always remains elegant and exotic. It has been a hit for quite a while and will continue to remain the crowd pleasers. Either in delicate or in bold patterns, it is easy to go with your dress and always appears stylish. Many designers have introduced a line of leopard print purses, allowing for anyone to make a fashion statement.

handbags purses purses


Fashion sunglasses espcially sunglasses with leopard prints will not only make you appear cool, but also sexy. If you want to stay in style and on trend this year it is essential that you possess one. Because this year’s big fashion statements is that the bolder and brighter, the better. The leopard print sunglasses are coming back on trend and they are the best choice right now.

sunglasses leopard sunglasses



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Which Kinds of Elder People Are not Suitable to Wear Sunglasses

Added 3/8/2011

Wearing sunglasses is a positive way of protecting eyes for the elderly, especially for those who are suffering from cataract, keratitis, conjunctivitis, retinal detachment and many other eye diseases. Wearing sunglasses can promote the rehabilitation of these diseases. Nonetheless, not every old people is suitable for wearing sunglasses and can enjoy the cool and protection brought by sunglasses. So, to protect eyes more effective and safer, we need to know something about that.


First of all, glaucoma patients should take care of that. They get the disease because of the disorders in their aqueous humor, which lead to an increase in their intraocular pressure and then result in optic atrophy and visual field defect. When wearing a pair of sunglasses, their pupils dilate for the light around their eyes is reduced. As a result, disorders in the aqueous humor are added, and that makes more increases in the intraocular pressure. Consequently, the situation of the disease will get worse and worse. That increases pain of the patients and may even cause blindness.


 Secondly, old people with neuroretinitis had better not wear sunglasses. Sunglasses will increase disturbances to the optic nerve conduction and do harm to the recovery.

Thirdly, it will be harder to distinguish different colors if achromates wear sunglasses. It doesn’t matter for a person with monochromatism to own a pair of sunglasses, while a large number of patients are partial color blindness who are not suitable for some of sunglasses with certain colors.


Last but not least, the elderly subjected to night blindness are not suitable for wearing sunglasses, either. Due to long-turn lack of vitamin A, the retinene joining night vision reactions in their bodies is not effectively supplemented. The patient’s vision will be affected in dim light under the shelter of sunglasses.


Searching for more information about sunglasses, you can refer to vision library.

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