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Bakelite Thick Rimmed Sunglasses Make Your Summer Different

Added 10/10/2011

As the technology develops, our daily life has been improved, fashion circle has been promoted so fast, and everything changes so frequently. If you ignore fashion news online or stop reading magazines and newspapers for just three days, absolutely, you must feel that you cannot quite catch up with the trends, which is what we called "out person". Take shades as an example. In fact, there are a variety of sunglasses in the market, and we can find that new products with trendy designs after a period. Here I wanna introduce a fresh type named bakelite thick rimmed sunglasses which can make your summer different.

Speaking of bakelite thick rimmed sunglasses, which maybe you are not very familiar with. As a matter of fact, in terms of Bakelite, named after its Belgian inventor, Chemist L.H.Baekeland c.1909, is a synthetic resin chemically formulated. Well, there are several features about this sort of shades.

Due to the material named bakelite which is called an early plastic, bakelite thick rimmed sunglasses are characterized by lightweight feature. Not only do wearer feel comfortable, but also they can get more relaxed.

Bakelite thick frames with rimmed design are definitely hot and popular during these few years. Wearing a pair of bakelite thick rimmed sunglasses help you dress up in a trendy way.

In most people's minds, bakelite rimmed sunglasses may be very expensive, nevertheless, we can find so many affordable bakelite thick rimmed sunglasses online with cheap price.

Here I wanna share with you guys three types of bakelite thick rimmed sunglasses.


Bakelite Thick Rimmed Sunglasses

Firstly, this black bakelite thick rimmed sunglasses feature rounded frames with a deep bridge and wide arms. Matching with dark gray tinted lenses, so cool, isn't it?


Bakelite Thick Rimmed Sunglasses

Secondly, here I wanna introduce retro style. Take a look at this vintage bakelite sunglasses. heart shaped lenses with retro vintage design, very chic indeed!

Bakelite Thick Rimmed Sunglasses

Last but not the least, this black bakelite thick rimmed sunglasses are characterized by green lenses and vintage styles which can really make your summer different. You wanna have a try?

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The multiple roots create astigmatism

Added 11/5/2011

Why people suffer from astigmatism? There are multiple reasons that give rise to astigmatism. The most serious one is that the flexibility of eye cornea changes. Eye cornea is also named” black eyeball” and the window of outward eyeballs. It is thin and smooth and totally is equipped with hemispherical. The main function of cornea is to concentrate on the luminous beam through the light, spurred the light arrive the retina of the bottom of eyes. Then it focuses the light which can be responded to brain and make the clear vision with the outside views. Therefore, as there are some changes with the flexibility of eye cornea, the cornea will like the uneven lenses. When the outward light comes into eyes, it can not form a focus normally but spread out to all directions. Accordingly, our brains take over the uneven light and also reflect the vague sign. Medically speaking, the symptom of irregular astigmatism and changes of flexibility of eye cornea are hardly to be corrected with normal eyeglasses.

There is another regular astigmatism which results from the flexibility of eye cornea. There are many kinds of astigmatism cases include hyperopic, astigmatism, myopic astigmatism, compound hyperopic astigmatism, compound myopic astigmatism and amongstothers. They are major caused by diverse with the capability of diopters and always along with the myopia or hyperopia which can be rectified by eyeglasses.

The reasons lead to irregular astigmatism is uneven light on the cornea or the incorrect direction with the flexibility which can be divided into two sorts: The first sort is congenital defect and the other involves in the diseases which caused by cornea, such as ulcer with the cornea or traumas.

The regular mild astigmatism will have no influence with the vision expect for some eyestrains as well as discomforts. Some people will feel headache or sore around eyes, the minorities have nauseas and vomiting symptoms which will have some effects on their normal life and work, it means they have suffer from the serious astigmatism and should take a treatments at once.

More vision information about eye disease please refer to visioin library.

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Introduction of modern retro eye glasses

Added 26/3/2011

If you like to watch fashion shows, you will find that fashion eyeglasses and sunglasses now has become one of their fashion elements. We can see many models were a pair of exaggerate sunglasses. Although it covers its parts or even most part of their face, it creates a kind of mysterious personalities. If you carefully enough, you will find that most of sunglasses which wearied by models is in a retro style. And one of popular style is 50’s cat eye glasses. There has a new rend that it will still in the popular position in 2011.

Although retro eyeglasses were existed many years, it still popularized a large amount of people as it were advanced by the application of rich materials and colors today. Retro style glasses constantly developing keep them uniqueness. This is owe to people’s wisdom that make this style glasses last forever with us.

Those retro style eyeglasses or sunglasses in modern days show us the what classic 50’s glasses is. Among those retro glasses, cat eye style especial for cat eye sunglasses is most popular one. If you have watch the fashion shows of autumn and winter of 2010, you will find that models wear cat eye sunglasses looks really amazing. Some famous brands such as Paul Smith and Tommy Hilfiger usually adopt cat eye sunglasses.

Nevertheless, we should know that not everyone can look well with cat eye glasses. Generally speaking, choose eyeglasses frame should according to one’s face shape. For example, large faced people should better not choose cat eye style eye glasses or sunglasses. Those cat eye styles will match well with people who have thin face like Nikki Hilton. Apart from face shape, we should also pay attention to our hair style. Cat eye glasses not suitable for people who have oil head or wear your hair loose because that hair style can’t expression the elegance of cat eye styles.

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