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Contact wearers should be careful about conjunctivitis

Added 25/10/2010


Wearers of contact lenses may find there is an inflammation between their eye lids and eyes. Well, this problem might be called conjunctivitis. Due to the special situation of contact wearers, the conjunctivitis may be caused by virus, bacteria or allergy. They are the three major causes for this problem. If lenses wearers feel itchy and sensitive to light or their eyes become read or swelling in the eyelids, they should be very careful and visit their eye doctors, for they may get conjunctivitis. They may find the causes for the problems. At the same time, people should stop to wear the lenses, which may worsen the situation.

In fact, conjunctivitis of different kinds can be treated with different ways.  Conjunctivitis caused by virus can be recovered automatically after sometime. And special eye drops and pills can do a lot of help. Conjunctivitis caused by bacteria should be treated with special eye drops, like antibiotic series. These drops can work nicely and eyes will recover quickly. However, if the drops can not work, people should visit their eye doctor instantly. Conjunctivitis caused by allergy can be treated in simpler ways. Keep away from the allergen. Or sometimes, particular medicine can help a lot.

Usually, conjunctivitis can be prevented if people can be careful enough. Hygiene is the foremost important factor. Another is never rub eyes with hands, especially dirty hands. Never share eye products with others. These points may help people reduce the risks of getting this problem. If people have any question? Visit eye doctor for more help. 

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Is contact lens likely to lose in our eyes?

Added 18/10/2010

For first time contact lens wearers, it is highly possible that they are scare to put the contact lens into their eyes. As a matter of fact, wearing contact lens is not as scary as they imagine. Perhaps the idea that contact lens can get slide behind our eyes and get lost scare most people. Is it true that contact lens can get lost in our eyes?
First, let us discuss if the contact lens can slide into the space behind our eyeball. Outside of our eyelids, there is a strong transparent membrane called conjunctiva, which fold back to cover the front part of our eyeball. So in this way, contact lens is literally impossible to get through it to side behind our eyes. Therefore, from now on, we should not be afraid the contact lens can get into the back space of our eyes any more.
But it is a true fact that contact lens can move around and dislocate in our eyes. The lens should be placed in the center position, but due to some reasons, they are positioned under an eyelid, which will cause people some discomforts, especially when they wear hard lens. If we have to face this case, do not worry. The thing we need to do is to have the lens back into their original position.
The reasons for our lens out of position are as following: First, this maybe caused by our careless rubbing our eyes. If we do not pay attention to rub our eyes, it is highly possible to move the lens under our eyelid or even make it out of our eyes. So next time, when we rub our eyes, we can rub around the contact lens in order to make it in their position. Besides, the weather and our activity can also contribute to dislodge of our contact lens. For example, if we are outdoors on a windy day, it is likely for the lens to move around. Under windy day, our eyes will have more water and tears, and the excessive teas can even make the lens “float” in our eyes, so when we blink, the lens is more likely to move to other place, or even come out of our eyes.
You may wonder to know how to re-locate the lens. First, we should know where the contact lens is now. If we don’t know the exact position of the lens, we can use our fingertip to feel outside of our lids. Then look at the direction where the lens is. If our contact lens is down, just look down. In common cases, the lens can get back to center position. But for hard contact lens which is not easy to move back, we may need to use our fingertip to push the lens back to their original position gently. When we do this, make sure not to press the lens into our eyes, or else, it may cause painful scratches in our eyes.

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Hand-painted special effect contact lenses

Added 15/10/2010

In the theatrical industry, it is a common practice to use special effect contact lenses to transform the eyes of the actors. The eyes as one of the most precious organs are usually considered as the windows to the soul. By giving the eyes dramatic effects, the actors in the movie can incomparably pull the entire look of the character together. After some years’ popular application in the theatrical industry, special effect contact lenses have spread to the general individuals who use these lenses to gain a fashion statement. The commonly known colored contact lenses are one of the typical types. Nowadays, there are more innovations in the types of special effect contacts. Hand-painted lenses are among the most popular types.
In general, hand-painted special effect contact lenses come in either plano type or prescription type. The former ones only change the eye appearance while the latter lenses can also provide vision correction. In fact, hand-painted special contact lenses are mainly used to create unnatural appearance in the eye as the purchaser desires. To some extent, artists are able to create virtually any design that is imaginable. Most of the companies selling hand-painted contact lenses give replies to people who want to know whether a design is available through email or fax. It is easy for customers to give a wanted design to the manufacturer who will paint the lenses as wanted and then pack them in a sterile solution.
In most cases, hand-painted special effect contact lenses are made out of some of the softest plastic available. Only those leading artists in the industry are capable of painting those lenses using their creative hands. Furthermore, these hand-painted special lenses always have specifically unique creation. In this sense, some people even keep these lenses for a number of years as long as they are cared for properly. It is also a prohibition to share these lenses with any other person.

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