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Tricks on protecting teenagers’ visions

Added 14/4/2011

The last worldwide physical health inspection report show that, in the four hundred millions myopia sufferers, the students usually has the highest ratio. And the lowest proportion involves in Germany, Japan.

Germany: they will do eyeball movements every day No matter the pupils or college students, few of them wear eyeglasses expect for the special cases. The people who wear eyeglasses will feel unconfident wit ht themselves and they always worry others to be take different looks on them. The rate of myopia rates in Germany limit less than 15%, the most curious point is they pay more attach importance to improve children ’normal vision.


They arrange the special lesson for lesson for students to relax eye muscles, they will carry out once every morning and afternoon, the children are will also reminded to repeat the third time before sleeping at night, they think improve the vision should keep on practice every day. When their children in Grade one, their teacher will ask students to wear witch glasses to experience the bad experience of eye issues and know about more reasons caused by vision problems.


Japan: their desks placed in front of window, correct posture with students’ writing and reading


It is reported by Japanese relative experts, the rates of Japanese children ’s vision below 0.7 has increased by 10%.thus , the schools and parents begin at their actions to protect children ‘s visions .


As Japan is the origin of computer games, many of children are indulge themselves in computer games as theses are the most destructive damages to visions, current years, Parents pay more attention on limiting the time of their children’s computer games, one time every week and less than half an hour a time.


Moreover, Japanese parents quite care about their children’ postures of writing, a lot of Japanese have the desks which special used for studying, moreover, Equipped with special bookshelf and lambs, especially the lambs, it is the specialized for protecting vision and have not injuries to sight strobe, it also adds the filters to filter the stimulate glares, besides, the corner, luminance of lambs, and the distance with desks are calculated strictly. They take all measures to take care of children’s sights.


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Gene Therapy for Visual Impairment

Added 25/10/2010

In modern society where most people are educated, eyesight problems inevitably proliferate, due to the fact that they have spent more time in reading. TV and computers are also incentives of the skyrocketed eyesight problems. Owing to the invention of eyeglasses and contact lenses, people with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia are able to view a clear world as well. Additionally, fast developed, eyeglass manufactures achieve advancement in glare reduction and unwanted wavelengths of light elimination, etc..

However, eyeglasses and contacts can not serve as helps for vision improvement of people suffering from eye diseases, such as Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy, etc.. Recently, a medical treatment is developed, which is also able to treat visual impairments. Avastin is a drug that was originally used in Colo-rectal cancer treatments, but is found to have an ability to improve the vision in patients with Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy and other vascular related retinal diseases. What's more, many other new drugs are brought about in succession as well, for example, the non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs can reduce retinal inflammation and cyst formations.

There are some people whose eye diseases arise from within the patients, genetic and congenital disorders. They pose a great challenge to eye doctors and surgeons. Luckily, gene therapy is found to be able to dramatically improve those patients' vision. The procedure is performed at the Scheie Eye Institute in Philadelphia and the patients formerly suffering from Leber's Congenital Amaurosis claim that he could read letters on an eye chart already after such a procedure. Then the news was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, on which the cause of Leber's Congenital Amaurosis and how the surgery achieves an success are recorded. It is stated that a lack of RPE 65 gene prevents protein production which is required for the retinal tissue to absorb and process the light into vision. A normal RPE is injected in the gene therapy to restore the protein production. After two weeks, the patients can mostly view more clearly than they did before. Possible complications of gene therapy include sensitivity to light.

In spit that it is just a successful case of Leber's Congenital Amaurosis treatment, it gives hopes to other eye diseases originated from gene disorders. Researches concerned are under procession. The application of gene therapy in visual impairment will be a great success in the near future.

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The importance of getting rid of eye fatigue

Added 22/10/2010

Many people in modern society have to work for very long time each day before computers. And the result is their eyes are greatly strained- they tend to stare at computer monitor all day long. In addition, there are also many other related symptoms physically. Of course, most of them know how to keep health and maintain eye sight. But have failed and have their eyes fatigued greatly.

Over use of eyes and lack of relaxation will cause a lot of eye problems, and some people have get very serious results. But most people have seldom noticed their eyes are fatigued in most cases. And the result is eyes are more strained than people can realize.

People, no matter kids or adult, are greatly affected by TV, computers and other achievements of human civilization. They often have their eyes greatly strained, but they have never noticed this until some serious problems occur- they usually suffer from vision blurriness, irritation, etc.  And what they have to do is to visit eye doctors for help.

Usually, some typical symptoms will appear if eyes are strained. When eyes are tired, a sense of burning will appear, after using eyes for very long time. Unusual watering is also one of such symptoms. Some people may feel great pain, dryness and other discomfort in their eyes.

When the situation worsens to some extent, vision must be rectified with some devices or procedures. But most people can get rid of them if certain measures are taken.

It is not a good idea to read in an improper posture- read lying should be avoided particularly. If eyes are too strain, cold water or clothes can be used. Many people’s eyes will be greatly strained after using computers for very long time and they can relieve them with ice. It is also needed to avoid any possible eye damage in the air, too. Anyway, eyes are easily prone to tiredness and fatigue and the best way for relaxation is to have good sleep.

Or if there are some serious symptoms, people can choose certain medicine for further treatment. In a word, eyes must be well protected for brighter vision.

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