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Choose INTACS to Treat Keratoconus

Added 20/10/2010

Keratoconus is a degenerative disorder of the eye in which structural changes within the cornea cause it to thin and change to a more conical shape than its normal gradual curve. Substantial distortion of vision, streaking and sensitivity to light are symptoms of Keratoconus. Adolescence are the main patients suffering from it. It is a rather intractable eye diseases, and there is no definitive cure for it up to now. For years, researches have been done to find relative solution, and everything comes to him who waits. Advancement in eye surgeries enable people suffering from keratoconus to get a treatment for vision improvement.

In mention of eye surgery, one would firstly remind of laser surgery, however, it is not a good option for keratoconus improvement, and the INTACS is supposed to be more effective. INTACS helps to normalize the irregular cornea curvature, while laser surgery can just change the shape of the cornea by removing tissue. Little complications will be caused with the application of INTACS, because there is no tissue removed, as a result, possibility of infection is small; it is maintenance free; and the option for you to choose other method other than INTACS is open.

Many successful cases have improved the high effectiveness of INTACS in keratoconus cure. Over 90% of people with INTACS have an improved quality of vision with the assistance of glasses or contact lenses. What's more 20/20 vision is possible resulting from the INTACS. 50% of patients possess such a luck. One of the most unbelievable miracle is that one patient who has had lost his vision over the years obtain his vision again after undergo such a surgery. Besides keratoconus, people with mild nearsightedness are good candidates for a INTACS.

Despite the fact that keratoconus is an intractable eye disease, INTACS has helped many people realize their dream of good vision. It gives hopes to keratoconus patients, besides, it is a true blessing that it doesn't require lots of maintenance or excessive check ups. Therefore, laser surgery may be not always the best choice to get vision corrected.. Anyhow, prescribing medicine according to each disease is always the truth.

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What will lead to Cataract?

Added 25/9/2010

Many people love to take sunbathing outdoors in the sunlight. But this is really harmful, especially if they do not wear any protective eye wear. This is because UV rays in the sunlight can cause great damage to people’s skin, eyes, etc. In particular, over exposure to UV rays will lead to Cataracts, which can also be caused by family history, lack of nutrition, physical diseases, etc.

Generally, people who have got cataract procedure and have some physical problem are much vulnerable to UV-related vision problems. But the situation will be much better if the natural lens is replaced.

If people have some problems and have to take some medications, their eyes run much higher risk of getting UV-related vision problems. Some drugs and medications can lead to very serious vision problems if people expose themselves in the UV light. Therefore, people should be very careful. For example, people who often take psoralen have much vulnerable eyes to UV rays. In these cases, UV light should be avoided with certain protective eye wear, like sunglasses.

Some people love to stare at the sun while they play or go outdoors. Doing so can lead to very serious outcome. Some people have suffered from permanent blindness as a result. This is because harmful rays can be absorbed by eyes directly.

In addition to UV rays, blue light is harmful radiation for eyes. It can cause very serious vision problems, like AMD, age-related macular degeneration. Blue light can cause great damage to retina and many people have suffered from retinal problems as a result.

Therefore, it is urgently needed for people to protect their eyes with certain vision protective eye wear. For example, sunglasses are nice alternatives.

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Introduction on dry eye syndrome

Added 20/9/2010

There are a large number of people worldwide who have been bothered by dry eye syndrome. For people with dry eye syndrome, their eyes are not able to produce enough tears they need, or the tears can evaporate easily and quickly after producing, so that they often feel their eyes dry, irritated or infected and often have the illusion that there is something in their eyes, but actually there is nothing else inside, and the illusion is caused by their dry eyes.

The following people have are more likely to be affected by dry eye syndrome: The majority are aged people more than 60 years old. But this does not mean young people will not have this eye disease. And women are more likely to suffer from dry eye syndrome especially after menopause as dry eye syndrome is considered to be a side effect of menopause. Moreover, people who have to wear contact lenses everyday are more likely to develop dry eye syndrome.

It is often the case before people know they develop the eye disease of dry eye syndrome, they don’t pay attention to this problem though they feel uncomfortable or irritated in their eyes. But after they know this eye disease, they will worry about it and are afraid it may cause serious eye problems in the future. But as a matter of fact, in common cases, it is not serious problem for most people, but if left untreated, people are possible to get other eye problems. So after we get we have developed dry eye syndrome, it is wise to take some treatments for it, but don’t worry too much about it.

You may wonder to know how to treat dry eye syndrome. In fact, there is no complete cure for dry eye syndrome, only some methods to make people relieve from it. The following will give you some tips: The common and effective way is to use eye drops which can be regarded as artificial tears to ensure there is enough moist in our eyes. When we are out under sunshine, it is necessary to wear sunglasses, while at home, it is advised to have home humidifiers which can enable the air to contain more moists, and also an air filter to reduce dust particles in the air so as to reduce the strain on our eyes. In addition, it is wise to have our eyes checked by our eye doctor or online at a regular time.  

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