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Added 22/12/2009

Clinical and lead surgeon at Shinagawa LASIK Centre Dr Lee Sao Bing, writing for asiaone health, says that lifestyle and hormones make women more susceptible to certain eye conditions such as allergies, irritations and eye infections, including conjunctivitis, or red eye.

Particles from makeup can get into the eye, especially via corneal abrasions (cuts and scratches on the front of the eye), and cause soreness and swelling.

Bacteria can also build up on the implements used to apply makeup, so they should be kept clean and expired cosmetics should be binned.

Dr Bing adds that women are prone to leaving a layer of grease on their contact lenses because of the use of hand creams, body lotions, cream-based foundations and oil-based make-up.

He advises washing hands before putting contact lenses in and not wearing them for too long.

The American Academy of Family Physicians recently advised people to keep their finger nails short, be careful when putting contact lenses in, keep lenses clean and never sleep in them to avoid corneal abrasions.ADNFCR-1853-ID-19521491-ADNFCR

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Orthokeratology Contact

Added 18/12/2009

Orthokeratology, also called the practice of reshaping the cornea to improve vision, has come into use since the early 40s. There are, however, unpredictable results that have been found to be caused by the vision correction practice. Proponents of the orthokeratology contact lenses persisted in developing the vision correction implement and have succeeded in coming up with effective gas-permeable contact lenses that are worn only at night time in order to reshape the cornea and improve a patient's vision. This implement has become more popular with those who do not want to wear eyeglasses, go through surgery, or be hassled with the tedious steps in wearing and maintaining traditional contact lenses. It was in the year of 2002 when the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved a corneal reshaping implement called "corneal refractive therapy." More and more approvals for orthokeratology contact lens designs soon ensued as various companies developed their own versions of the vision correction product. Orthokeratology is further being observed for its potential in providing a cure for myopia or in being able to slow down myopic progression.

Orthokeratology contact lenses are made of special gas-permeable lenses that are designed to move the epithelial cells on the corneal surface in order to reshape it. It is believed that the material as well as the design of orthokeratology lenses is very important in bringing about positive results. The improper design and material could cause complications to eye-health during treatment. This is the reason why an FDA approval is required for any orthokeratology product to be distributed commercially. At present, there are only a few orthokeratology contact lens designs that are approved by the FDA and are manufactured by a number of companies using FDA-approved orthokeratology technologies. Among these products are Paragon Vision Sciences' Paragon CRT, Dreimlens Inc.'s DreamLens, and Contex Inc.'s Contex OK-E System. While there are no new orthokeratology implements that are up for FDA approval, a number of doctors have been granted permission to design their own lens shapes but only with strict compliance to orthokeratology principles. There are software packages that assist these doctors in designing their custom orthokeratology contacts like the Wave Systems and the Ortho-tool.

To consult your eye doctor for advice on any eye problems may be a very good choice. You will be interested in remedies available to you whether it be for eye care or other health problems. Your eye doctor can evaluate your current condition and recommend the right treatment for you. If you have myopia or any other vision impairment, you might want to explore the possibility of getting an orthokeratology treatment to improve your vision. It could be a less expensive option to going for surgical procedures. By merely reshaping your cornea, you will be able to improve your vision. Wearing an orthokeratology implement every night is another remedy that you can consider for your vision correction problems. If the vision problem has been solved in this way, there is no need to wear the vision correction implement any longer.


·Advantages and disadvantages of orthokeratology contacts

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Do You Know How to Choose Glasses For Men?

Added 16/12/2009


It seems that men lay more stress on the comfortableness and durability when purchasing glasses while the style is their secondary factor to consider. Generally speaking, it is the truth. A survey, conducted by the Vision Council of America (VCA), has shown that 88% men confess that the comfortableness precedence, as well as the suitability and 59% say the care most the durability. However, an interesting phenomena, whether you’ve noticed or not, is that it is the man’s female companion, either his girlfriend or wife, that choose certain styles for him before he makes the decision to buy or not according to the comfortableness and durability.

Then, here is a question. If you are going to choose a pair of glasses for a man, what would you notice for? Tips below are listed for your reference.

The first and foremost way is the ask him try it on and move his head side to side and then up and down to check whether the frame can firmly enough to be kept on face. Also, you can check it by stooping down to pick things up.

This is not enough, although the eyeglasses have been made sure to be able to be kept on face firmly, it does not mean the glasses does not apply any uncomfortable pressure to the nose or any part of the face. Therefore, when choosing the glasses, you should make sure that frame legs are wide enough. The ideal width between tow legs should be beyond the width of the face. Usually if the legs do not touch the face before they reach the ears, they are thought to be feasible. What’s more, the length of the legs should be long enough, or much pressure will be forced on nose, making it hardly pressed. When the curve at the end goes around the ears without pressing down on them, they are considered to be ok.

Do not neglect the small things between the two lenses, the nose pads. Make sure the pads are sweat proof, or the glasses will be very easy to slide down when you are sweating. Now the soft adjustable silicon nose pads are most popular for their comfort.

Materials that perform most sustainable are titanium and stainless steel.

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