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Two main types of bifocal contact lenses

Added 16/12/2009

Presbyopic individuals always move the books and newspapers further away from their eyes, in order to get proper focus. As people age, their eyes gradually lose elasticity and people in their 40s are commonly bothered by presbyopia. Those people always find it difficult to switch focuses between near and distant objects. Currently, various types of eyeglasses and contact lenses can be used to correct presbyopia.


Available in both soft and rigid gas permeable materials, bifocal contact lenses are the most commonly accepted lens type on the market. Acuvue Bifocals is one of the most famous brands of bifocal lenses. Bifocal contact lenses belong to multifocal contacts, which is an overall concept referred to any lens type that has more than one power. While a bifocal lens has only two focal points, a trifocal lens offers three focal points.


Simultaneous vision of bifocal contact lenses requires a wearer to look through both powers at all times, so that the eyes should choose an appropriate power at a specific situation. There are two designs of this type of bifocal lenses: concentric ring design and aspheric design. A rigid gas permeable bifocal lens usually has a distance prescription in the center and a near prescription around it. In contrast, the center-near design is usually applied to soft bifocal lenses. Aspheric bifocal lenses have both powers blended across the lens, similar to progressive lenses.


There are still alternating vision bifocal lenses, with which the pupil alternates between the two powers according to objects in different distances. Also called translating lenses, alternating vision bifocals have a much smaller diameter than other types. In addition, this type of bifocals needs to stay in position all the time.


With the options of both simultaneous vision and alternating vision bifocals, it is necessary to consult an eye doctor before making a decision. A person’s add prescription and pupil size all play a role. For instance, aspheric bifocals are not suitable for people with large pupil.


Presbyopes still have other options for vision correction. Monovision lenses correct one eye for close vision and the other for distance vision with two respective powers. This type can benefit those who have difficulty adapting to bifocals. In most cases, bifocal contact lenses can provide satisfying vision correction.

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How Much Does The LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

Added 16/12/2009

LASIK eye surgery is becoming more and more popular among people especially those who have serious eye problems. Because it is a good chance to regain excellent eye vision. So a lot of advertisements claim on television that they will offer high technical while low cost LASIK eye surgery. However, is it true that LASIK eye surgery will be so cheap, and we want to know how much does the surgery cost actually?

A friend of mine have just had the LASIK eye surgery a few months ago and he told me that the he was charged over four thousand dollars for the correction of both of his eyes. I was surprised at the huge cost of LASIK eye surgery and cannot image the low cost offered in the ads. So I had an investigation on the real price of the LASIK eye surgery and was astonished at the facts of so big differences between the real and claimed cost.

Ads on LASIK eye surgery must offer competitive price to attract you attention. Once the patient makes a phone call for some consultation, they will suggest the patient to go to his office for further and detailed introduction. Then you go to his office, and the salesmen there will indulge in exaggerations on how advanced his surgical instruments are and how professional his doctor is. However, if you are careful enough, you will find he refused to answer your question to the point. He always tries his best to pull your attention to the information he provides. If you do not have good judgment on his words, you may be willing to give the deposit first on the eye surgery following his requirement as a booking. It is one kind of cheat and is also called tactic actually.

Usually, the alleged low cost of LASIK eye surgery does not contain the cost of necessary surgical services like pre-surgical exams and after-surgical care. Another possibility of the low cost may be that they do not provide you with the advanced instruments and technique, and instead they only offer you the outdated ones. If you would like to adopt the newest instruments and techniques, you will have to pay the extra money. I think anybody is willing to have the best operation on eyes as it is the treasure accompanied with you all your life. So at last the cost of LASIK eye surgery will be higher than the initial one. There is also one condition that the low cost LASIK eye surgery is only suitable for those with small degree on eye vision. You will be charged for the extra cost again when you begin to do the operation as the reason of your deep vision degree.

In the end, when you add up all the cost on LASIK eye surgery, you will be surprised to find that the price is even higher than the price offered by big hospitals, not to mention the price the ads claimed at first. You will also be sorry to find out that your surgery does not have a satisfying effect and you actually spend more money than usual. It must be regret for anybody because the fraudulent ads on LASIK eye surgery makes them do the wrong decision.

So you are suggested to know well about each procedure of the surgery, including the surgical instruments, doctor’s qualification, as well as the price. You can also ask some advices from your friends who have already had the eye surgery before. Only in that way, you can have a reasonable evaluation on the LASIK eye surgery provided to you. In the end, I like to tell you an old saying that what is cheap is not good, and what is good is not cheap. If the ads offer you LASIK eye surgery at an extremely low price, you must be more careful about that. It may be a trick!

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