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Glutathione’s contribution to eye health

Added 19/10/2010

The eyes have long been considered as marvelous organs. In fact, the eye is much similar to a very advanced camera that can see things clearly at various distances under different light conditions. From another perspective, the eye is really a complex organ that it is consisted of a few parts, which offer specific functions. The cornea is the transparent front part of the eye that covers the iris and pupil. It passes light into the eye and helps the eye focus light. What’s iris? It is the colored part of the eye and controls the amount of light that enters the eye. It can flexibly adjust its size under different light conditions.

Situated in the middle of the iris, the pupil will change its size in response to the amount of light present in the eye. Behind the iris, the lens is also a transparent part that helps control light rays onto the retina. Made up of light-sensitive cells known as codes and rods, retina is the light sensitive, inner nerve layer of the eye. Light in the eye is converted just by the retina into nerve signals, which will then be passed to the brain. As an oval yellow area in the retina, macula contains the highest concentration of cones. This part in the eye is essential for individuals to perceive small, fine details clearly.

Recent researches showed that all of these parts in the eye stated before need a special form of antioxidant called Glutathione, GSH. This antioxidant is constantly dealing with UV radiation of sunlight present on a daily basis. In turn, it will help the eyes avoid cataracts. Human body needs this type of antioxidant in a large amount. According to studies from the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, the cornea, lens and retina areas of the eye are especially sensitive to the loss of antioxidant Glutathione, which is actually a multi-purpose substance.

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The necessity of regular eye tests

Added 12/10/2010

The importance of regular eye examinations can never be overstated. Most individuals who wear corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses have probably already known the necessity of regular eye tests. But in fact, any group of people needs these tests, simply because the eyes are equally crucial for anyone. Eyesight for a person may deteriorate very quickly even if there is only a tiny problem in the eye or eyes. Getting the eyes checked can help individuals discover underlying problems. This way of problem detection in an early time is really better than the suffering with uncorrected vision which may develop into blindness. It is so critical that some eye problems such as glaucoma can be treated only if they are diagnosed in time. Early diagnosis is the first step for a patient to get appropriate treatment. The reason for regular eye tests for these eye diseases is that they have no obvious symptoms. They are always unnoticeable without the help of eye instruments. But an eye optician or doctor is able to diagnose any medical conditions and suggest treatments accordingly.
Regular eye tests can also help in detecting vision-related diseases in the body, such as diabetes. This threatening health problem can not be aware of in most cases but it can be diagnosed by an eye test. This kind of early detection of diabetes is really helpful for a doctor to suggest proper control. This is why individuals with diabetes as well as those suffering high blood pressure are frequently advised by doctors to have regular eye tests. In addition, the group who is involved in a history of eye diseases in the family is also the perfect target of regular eye examinations.
Regular eye examination can also help people who wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses keep an updated prescription. Prescription glasses or contacts are more frequently needed by the group which is getting old. An out-of-date prescription incorporated in the lenses would considerably damage the eyes in an unwanted way.

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The importance of eye protection

Added 9/10/2010

The importance of eye protection can never be ignored. This is particularly obvious among those who often use their eyes, like people who often use computers everyday. Of course, vision protection varies a lot among different people. But one key point is that eye safety should be maintained and kept in daily lives- nurture it as habits.

It is found that some people are more prone to eye damage of certain kinds while working. For example, flying objects are something most dangerous and must be avoided with certain protective devices. For this, some protective goggles and safety eyeglasses are helpful and needed- these eye wears are made from explosive and impact-proofed materials and can offer people the best protection. 

Sunglasses that can effectively block UV rays and other harmful rays are ideal alternatives for people who often expose themselves to sunlight. Or some other people are also in needed of certain radiation- blocking eye wear.

There are also some protective eye wear that are particularly designed for people who often go hunting and many other outdoor activities. These eye wear can not only help block certain harmful rays, but also prevent injuries caused by falling down and other accidents.

Some eyeglasses can also be purchased if people have to spend a lot of time reading or watching before monitors. These special eyeglass wear can help reduce eye strains and eye pains, and many vision problems can be avoided as a result.

In order to better protect eyes, people should also learn something about first aid, in case something emergent. This basic knowledge can be learnt from certain channels, like eye doctors, books, websites, etc. Many related eye injuries can be avoided if proper protective measures are taken. Anyway, it is easy and important to protect eyes with certain protective devices.

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