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Colored lenses for much better personal appearance

Added 6/10/2010

In most cases, people can choose to wear contact lenses if they don’t want to wear glasses. And what people should do is to consult with their eye doctor before buying lenses. Almost all of them can wear them.

But there is now a trend that people with perfect vision also want to wear contact lenses of certain kinds. Of course, what they wear are mainly colored contact lenses, mainly used for decoration. These lenses are tined in certain colors, so as to change the color of eyes. Some of these special colors can make wearers much more attractive to look at. Therefore, they are very popular among people in special needs- they can change their eye colors in certain situations.

In fact, not all these colored lenses can change wearer’s eye colors. Some of them are mainly used to highlight wearer’s natural colors. They allow light through, and make the original eye color much brighter. And they are usually called enhancer lenses. Another series is completely tinted, called opaque colored lenses. It allows no light in and wearers’ eye colors can be changed completely. But these colors are natural to look at.

Usually, these opaque lenses are usually used for special occasions when wearers have to decorate their eyes in special colors. For example, some lenses can be tinted in horrible colors- this may frighten may people. And now there are also some special colored lenses particular for sports fans. They can even help wearers see much clearly of certain objects.

Colored contact lenses are not suitable for all people. Most colored lenses can not be worn by people with certain vision problems. But now there are still some series that can be used by them. Another point should be remembered before wearing these lenses- consult with eye doctors, no matter how nice the vision is.

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What should be known before buying contact lenses?

Added 26/9/2010

Contact lenses are now some of the most popular vision rectifying devices offering great comfort. However, only few people may know that the first contact lenses are very irritating to have on, because they are made from glass. And today’s contact lenses are completely made from special materials, which can offer great vision clarity and comfort. For example silicon hydrogels can make sure eyes can enjoy sufficient oxygen at any time. Therefore, these gas permeable lenses can make sure that almost no discomfort or irritation can be sensed. Or some of them can even be used for sports and many other strenuous actives.

On the whole contact lenses can be used to perfectly rectify vision problems of certain kids. For example, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism can be well rectified by these lenses. Of course, contact lenses are not only used for vision correction, they can also be used for cosmetic purposes. For example, there are now in the market many color lenses that can be used in different occasions. These lenses can really highlight special atmosphere of that occasions. Or some of them can make wearers much attractive to look at if these people have light eye color. In addition, some contact lenses can also be used to aid the recovery of certain eye surgery.

However, people have a lot of things to do if they often wear contact lenses. The foremost important thing is buy proper lenses solution. Nice solution can help disinfect and clean lenses completely, so as to avoid potential infection and risks. Or if people think it is troublesome to maintain these lenses, they may also wear disposable lenses. Anyway, all contact lenses must be discarded after being used for certain time- according to their expirations.

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Contact lenses users should be cautious about Acanthamoeba Keratitis

Added 21/9/2010

People who often wear contact lenses may suffer from more problems than others. For example, they may suffer from Acanthamoeba Keratitis, a painful and irritating vision problem. Though this problem can also attack other people, but contact lenses users run much higher risk, or some of whom have also suffered from other serious corneal problems. And now it is found that over 30 Acanthanmoeba that may lead to this problem.

In the past when people do now know the reasons for Acanthamoeba Keratitis, they often deem it as a new problem. This is because it becomes much widespread after more and more people begin to use contact lenses. In other words, at early stage, this problem is seldom reported, but more cases arise among contact lenses users.

The reason why people tend to think Acanthamoeb Keratitis has something to do with contact lenses is obvious- users of lenses may have different habits. Some of them may wash hands or even clean lenses with tap water; some of them tend to swim with lenses; some of them may have used improper solution, etc. Any one of these actions may lead to the occurrence of this problem, for Acanthamoeb may exist in water.

Some people may get Acanthamoeb Keratitis due to their failure of following eye doctors’ suggestions, like they fail to keep hands and lenses clean while handling, etc. And the result is microbes that may lead to infection proliferate on and on. Therefore, it is needed for lenses users to keep clean of their eyes by avoiding any water, in which Acanthamoeb might exist.

On the whole, this problem can sometimes be detected via certain symptoms, like irritation, sensitivity, blurriness, inflammation, pain, etc. All these symptoms can be signals of Acanthamoeb Keratitis for users of contact lenses.

Luckily, these problems can be avoided if people can take certain measures. Here are some examples. People should do as what their eye doctors have suggested; keep hygiene at any time, especially handling lenses; disinfect lenses completely with certain solution; tap water and other water should be avoided while washing lenses or cases; change lenses within certain period of time, etc. Of course, people can still find some ways to relieve the symptoms of this problem by using certain medications. For more details, just consult with eye doctors.

All in all, people who often use contact lenses may run much higher risk of getting Acanthamoeba Keratitis than any people else. And this problem can not be detected or confirmed in most cases- this leads to great difficulties in treatment. However, early exam and detection can really bring much greater benefits for sufferers. The earlier the problems are detected and treated, the better the result will be.

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