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Be careful about Sun Damage

Added 14/9/2010

Some people may find that their vision declines if they expose their eyes to sunlight for very long time. There are a lot of harmful rays in the sunlight, which can cause great damage to eyes. This is also why many people have suffered greatly after over-exposing their eyes to sunlight. Or some of them have become permanent blind as a result.

For this, people should try to protect their eyes with certain protective devices, like sunglasses. Or their eyes will be damaged by UV rays, which can always lead to retinal problems that may lead to blindness.

For better protecting eyes, people should nurture good habits in using protective devices. Because damage caused by sunlight can be accumulated and will appear very long time later, people should protect their eyes as early as possible.

Of course, eye wear for vision protection vary a lot in brands and quality- there are also many low quality optical products in the market. And a nice pair of protective glasses can offer perfect vision safety- they can block almost all UVA, UVB, blue lights, glares and other harmful radiations.

However, people may come to such recognition that darker lenses can do a much better job than those lighter ones. In fact, there is no great difference. Or in some cases, darker lenses can cause damage to eyes. This is because less light can be let in and vision will decline as a result.

In addition, people should be careful in taking care of their eye health. If there are any problems in their eyes or vision, they should be very careful and try to visit an eye doctor. For example, if there is some blurriness in eyes, some serious problems might be there. This is because many eye diseases never occur when the situation worsens.

All in all, people should wear protective eye wear when they have to go outdoors, where a lot of sun lights and many other harmful rays are. Prevention is better than cure.

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Crying is beneficial for eye health

Added 10/9/2010

Every people cries in their daily lives. The reason to cry also varies a lot. In most case, people cry when they feel sad, desperate, horrified, etc. But people also cry when they are too happy or too anger. This is because cry is one of the best ways to vent out emotion and pressure. One phenomenon people may find that tears will come when they cry.

Comparatively speaking, tears are some of the most beneficial liquid for eyes, for they can be used to clean and lubricate eyes and eye tissues. In tears are also a lot of special substances, like salt, protein and so on. These substances can not only help people release their pressure and emotion, but also cure eyes if there is any problems on them. This is common on all people, from babies, kids, to adults or the old.

In addition, crying can also bring much other information. It first can let others know what the crying people need. For example, when kids can not get what they want, they may cry, delivering a kind of strong protest and demands. When they cry, adults will comfort them in certain ways. Of course, crying is very common among young people, when they can not find better ways to vent out their emotions.

However, people begin learn to change their ways of releasing emotion, seldom cry, but via other channels. But there is a phenomenon that female cry easily than male. And male is deemed weak or unmanly when they cry easily. But people’s ability to cry will be decreased, as they grow older.

When people get older on and on, their gland for tears begins to degraded and can not work properly as they used to.

In a word, it is a good idea for people to cry when they feel depressed or can not control their emotions. By crying, pressure and emotions can be released and will cause little damage to eyes; by crying, tears will come out and will bring great benefit to eyes.

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How to avoid eyestrain caused by computer use

Added 2/9/2010

As one of the common eye problems, eye strain has probably happened to everyone, except for the blindness. In detail, the eyes are easy to suffer tiredness and stress if they are used for a too long time. The problem is that most of the people need to use their eyes nearly all day long. There are many activities that may lead to eyestrain, such as working on a computer, watching TV, driving and the others. A common place among these activities is that they all require the eyes to focus carefully with lots of efforts. This can easily get the eyes fatigued. In addition, eyestrain for a long time or on a daily basis is quite likely to bring other short term side effects, like headache, neck ache, and possibly long term conditions such as myopia.

To deal with the problem of eyestrain, the best way is to prevent it by avoiding excessive eye use. In fact, it is possible to use the two eyes uncoordinatedly. For instance, it is ok to relax one eye while using the other. To state clearly, one eye can be closed for rest while the other one is still working. The reason for this magic ability is that the eyes use more than one set of muscles, which can be controlled separately. Among all those activities that commonly cause eyestrain, computer use is an outstanding one for the increasing popularity of this contributive invention. The ways to avoid eyestrain or stress while working on the computer are quite important for computer users.

The simplest tip is to make short breaks frequently while using a computer for a day long. And shift focus from up close to at least 20 feet away. This will help relax the tense eye muscles. The working environment is also critical. Once feeling that the screen is causing eyestrain, check the contrast on the monitor. It is always helpful by setting the monitor contrast knob on high. It is still necessary to check the position of the monitor, which should avoid glare created by window light. Nowadays, PC manufacturers are making larger computer monitors or bigger laptops.

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