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Sunglasses- The Best Effective Way to Protect Eyes from UV Rays

Added 2/3/2010

UV rays, in form of UVA and UVB, are ultra violet rays from sun which come through the atmosphere to the earth. They are invisible and are harmful to both our skin and eyes, so it is very dangerous to exposure to UV rays for a long time because we do not even notice the bad results

The increased risk of skin cancer induced by UV rays is recognized by lots of people, so people use hat and umbrella to protect their skin. But the damage of UV rays to eyes is not fully emphasized till now. Retina, the nerve rich center of your eyes, is the most significant part used for seeing. Long time exposure to eyes will greatly damage the retina in a nonreversible way, which may cause some chronic eyes diseases, such as cataracts, and the most seriously eyesight loss.

Sunglasses may be the most appropriate way to protect eyes in a sunny day. However, when choosing sunglasses, you are suggested to keep the following tips.

  1. You are certain to choose one pair with good color recognition and undistorted image. No one would like to see the world in a fuzzy way.
  2. Choose one pair with 100% UV protection, including both the UVA and UVB.
  3. Choose one pair with 75 to 90 percent of visible light prevention, for some invisible light are also harmful to eyes.
  4. You should remember not to choose too small lenses, as they are not good for guarding your eyes from UV rays completely. UV rays may slip into your eyes with the help of your smaller sunglasses, thus leading to damage.

We should realize the significance of protecting our eyes from UV rays and we should take effective measurements to avoid any risk of eyes. Sunglasses may be the best choice available now to prevent the harmful UV rays to the eyes. So try to pick up a pair of satisfying sunglasses with both good looking and useful help.

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Tips for Buying Sport Sunglasses of Excellent Performance

Added 21/2/2010

You may be frequently wearing sunglasses, but do you know what kindof sunglasses is the best; you maybe know the most importantcharacteristic of sunglasses is anti-UV, but do you know some othercharacteristics? Here are some tips for sunglasses of excellentperformance, with which you are believed to purchase a pair of good andsatisfactory sunglasses.

As mentioned above, the first and foremost factor that you must payattention to is the UV-stop performance, because the ultraviolet raysare harmful to our eyes. It will not only destroy eyes but also developcataracts.

Whether the lenses of sunglasses distort images or not is a questionthat most people neglect. If the sunglasses you buy are notdistortion-free, it means that what you see through the lens is not thesame as what you see without one. Thus one will have flashes of coloror blind spots moving in and out of the optical field and often feelsdizzy as soon as he or she takes off the sunglasses. Usually cheapacrylic and poorly made polarized sunglass lenses will be of that badperformance. If you are a bicyclist who wears a pair of such poorlymade sunglasses, you will probably experience blind spots on the road,which is rather dangerous. Therefore when you purchase prescription sunglasses, do not forget to check whether the lenses are distortion-free or not.

Color of sunglass lenses is another important element. Those ofgray, yellow, copper color, blue and so on so forth are available. Ifyou want the most natural color perception, the gray or smoke-coloredlenses would be suitable; if you want to be protected from the ' bluelight ', the most damaging of light in the color spectrum, yellowlenses are perfect; if you want highest resolution, copper coloredlenses can do it. All in all, lenses of different colors are ofdifferent functions. For more detail information about other color ofsunglass lens, you may ask the shop assistant.

Then come to the volume of light transmission (VLT). Usually 18-27%VLT is a good range for most sunny-day uses, neither too dark nor toolight, because the former will cause low visibility and the later willdo little to protect your eyes from direct solar radiation. However,the VLT of glasses for the night time is another thing. 95-100% VTL isrequired, or the wearer will hardly see anything.

As for athlete and sports enthusiast, the comfort of sunglasses isof vitality. Lightness should be essential. Sunglasses of lightweightnot only make you comfortable, but also provide you a illusion that youwear nothing, thus ground glass lenses are not suitable to apply insports, although they have excellent optical quality. Apart fromlightweight, another factor concerning comfort is workability, that is,whether they are easy to fall down. When you try on a pair of sportsunglasses, you are suggested to lower your head to check they areclose-fitting.

Last but not the least is how to choose the type of lenses. Usuallyspherical, decentered lenses are popular and are the mostly recommendedtype, for this kind of lenses is able to provide with a wide openoptical field with optimum clarity for superior vision. In addition,they are thinner than other lenses, reducing the weight of lenses.Blue-light-blocking is another performance that a pair of high qualitysunglasses should bear. This performance is always done by filmcoating. If you ask for blue-light-blocking of a pair of sunglasses,you can directly consult the shop assistant and he or she willintroduce to you.

It counts for little whether you are an athlete or a sports fan, butit counts for much whether you have a pair of sports sunglasses ofexcellent performances. Because, they are believed not only give you anacute vision, but more importantly, protect your precious eyes frombeing hurt by harmful rays and accident.

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