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Do You Know California Cornea Disease?

Added 5/3/2010

In our eyes are some arched layers in front of eyeballs. Those layers are called cornea.

If we have some disorders in our eyes, our eyes many get some refractive errors that can lead to corneal diseases and other eye diseases. And, in San Francisco, most of us who are suffering from those diseases have to wear contacts or eyeglasses for vision correction. How do those errors or disorders occur? This is the result of dystrophies.

In California, the percent of nearsightedness to the whole population is in a ratio of over one quarter. How does myopia relate with cornea? If corneas are extended too much and become irregular, myopia occurs.

Generally, there are many factors that can lead to corneal diseases. For example, pink eye, allergies, ocular herpes, Stevens Johnson syndrome, dryness, corneal infections, etc. are common causes for corneal diseases.

It is true that only few people know such related information. However, some studies have showed that contact solution can also lead to corneal irregularity. Therefore, it can be said that in California some corneal diseases are caused by the usage of contact lens solutions.

Fortunately, those diseases can be cured in some particular ways, though the curing cost is very high. Of course, some unknown reasons can also affect our desires for cure.

Also, the treatment of those diseases is also related to personal situations, such as testimonials. Of course, publicity can also influence our decisions.

It is true that eyeglasses can affect our personal images. And some of us pay more attention to this point. Of course, some of us tend to love the changing trend in glasses industry.

Generally, all common California Cornea diseases can be treated at local stores. However, we need more to improve in our techniques, so as to keep up with the industry trend. And many sufferers tend to receive lens implant surgery and other eye surgeries. Any way, it is essential for us to find the qualified center and doctors if we have decided to receive such surgery. In a word, we should be cautious about anything related to the surgery.

It is true that receiving those surgeries is good, but we should be more careful. For example, we should consider the feedbacks and suggestions of other receivers who have received the same surgery.

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How Much Do You Know About Open Angle Glaucoma?

Added 3/3/2010

Glaucoma can be categorized into two forms, open angle glaucoma and close angle glaucoma. This article will mainly focus on the first type-open angle glaucoma, also called chronic simple glaucoma. Glaucoma will not be easily detected, for it will give no evident sign. And it will lead to very serious outcomes if not treated or discovered early.

It has been found that open angle glaucoma takes a very high ratio comparing with other type, also most 80percent of all glaucoma cases. Based on some investigations, most sufferers of open angle glaucoma in U.S. have never realized their illness. How does this disease affect people’s vision? It will damage the optic nerve of sufferers. Such damage will directly lead to sight loss.

Therefore, people should do some regular eye examinations through which this disease can be detected easily. More attention should be paid to such examinations, for any damage on the optic nerve is irreversible. People of some group run much higher risk of getting this disease, such as those who are over forty, those who have such eye family history and black people.

Based on the data of glaucoma cases, over 80percent of the sufferers are of open angle glaucoma. It can cause irreversible damage onto the optic nerve. And the vision of the sufferers will decline rapidly and greatly. Thus, early examinations and treatment are essential and beneficial.

The worsening process of open angle glaucoma is so slow that many sufferers can not realize it. And once the damage occurs, it can never be remedied. In this sense, people should pay more attention to any change in their eyes, and more eye examinations should also be received.

This disease is so widely prevalent that it should be more concerned about. However, if people can receive some regular eye examinations, such threats can be avoided.

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Signs of potential eye problems

Added 25/2/2010

Currently, there is a minority of people who have 20/20 vision for their entire lives. Most individuals will be bothered by certain eye problems at some point in life. As they begin to notice a vision declining, eyeglasses or contact lenses may be needed. Actually there are some warning signs of vision problems. They can indicate that one’s eyes are not quite right and a doctor’s visit should be arranged.

Blurred vision is one of the most common symptoms of various vision problems. As blurred vision always develops gradually over time, it may not be quite obvious at an early stage. In some cases, blurry vision occurs temporarily when there is a drastic change of light conditions in a room. Sudden blurriness can also result from eye rubbing, a cold or allergies.

Most people just ignore the blurry vision. However, prolonged blurriness requires a comprehensive eye exam from an eye doctor, especially the blurriness caused by none of the temporary reasons mentioned above. Persistent blurriness can be a symptom of an underlying eye problem.

Occasional eye pain around the eyes is usually normal and requires no serious concern, just like temporary blurry vision. Normal eye pain can be caused by too bright light, a headache, cold or sinus infection. In addition, eye pain can be a side effect of some medications. In similar, an eye pain that lasts for quite a few days could be a warning sign of eye problems, which requires a visit to the doctor.

Some hidden issues do not present initial symptoms until they have progressed. For example, glaucoma has no obvious signs at its early stage but it is the leading cause of blindness in US. Eye doctors can only use some tests to measure pressure within the eye before the disease progresses. Early treatment of glaucoma is quite essential.

It is necessary to have regular checkups with an eye doctor in order to find out underlying eye problems that have no initial symptoms.

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